Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The eyes are open, the mouth moves, but Mr Brain has long since departed......

(That is a quote from the greatest ever comedy, anyone guess which one?
That's kind of how I feel after the last few days, knackered, but I have been victorious, just! 

So, after LARGE piles of these
and these

I now have 6 of these.
3x6 Star Blocks, Grp 11

Mr Technology tried his very hardest to defeat me though no I haven't lost the plot, quite as Hotmail had carked it this afternoon for MOST of the afternoon. I couldn't get the addresses until ten past 5, so after a quick scribble out of the labels, I pretty much ran (I don't do running, anymore) to the Post Office, and got there 3 minutes before closing.  So I am drained, but I have slayed my sewing dragon (so to speak!).
How is it possible when I say these crazy things, I google an image for them, and they really exist, weird. 
Now aside from a little quilt repair for my niece, the 5 year old vandal little darling, which needs to be done before Sunday, I am free to do some fun stuff. My friend has had her baby, and I am pleased to report it's a little girl, conveniently for me, and the present i started sewing 2 weeks ago.  So, that playmat top I have made up needs some basting, quilting and binding, all good fun!

Ange x


  1. Yay for you! No more bees like that then. I forbid you. And that dragon picture is hysterical.

  2. On my god! how many scraps of fabric and paper?! Well done, they are all lovely blocks, I'll bet you don't want to see any star blocks for a while? Sarah x

  3. They look great, well done!

  4. Blackaaaaadder Blackaaaadder you horrid little man!

    So yeah well done you, and your clipart finds have made me smile :)

  5. sewing dragon?! Who drew that and WHY?!!!

  6. Well done in getting the post. I hope you enjoy your recovery time... Di x

  7. Ooh, those blocks are quite lovely. Get some rest! :)

  8. Oh I hope you get to relax a bit - your blocks are great and well done for getting them done. Now go have a cup of tea...or a lie down!

  9. Ha ha of course there has to be a sewing dragon!!
    I love those blocks! I would have hated sending them away... You should definately make more just for you :-)
    E xx


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