Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year, and a New Years Resolution....

 Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, and are as keen as I am to get back to some sewing and quilting, so with that in mind, welcome to 2013!!!
Heart of Charnwood

I don't really make NY Resolutions, as they invariably fail, but this year I have decided to make a resolution that gets me off my backside encourages me to use some more of my Sewing and Quilting Books.  As I said before, I have lots of lovely books with great project ideas, and I do use them for inspiration, but if I am ever to be allowed to get new books (guilt free), I need to be more proactive with the ones I already own.
Cosmo Bag from Amy Butlers Style Stitches
So, I figured I can't be the only one who loves books, and has lots of "must do" projects, and it seemed to be a good chance to hold a book giveaway, and get the chance to see what everyone else is up to.  So, if you want to sew along with me this month, and be in with the chance to win a new book, this month it's Stitch and Sew Home by Eline Pellinkhof (which I will be reviewing later in the week), you're in the right place.
Knitting Bag from Poppy Treffry's Freehand Machine Embroidery
To enter the giveaway, you need to do the following:

1.Amendment- link up to the Book Review (this will be live Sunday 6th of January) Link up in comments to a blog post in the month of January for a book made project, something crafty, embroidered, sewn, or quilted- mention this competition, and link back to it.

2. For an extra entry, be a follower (you must have linked up a project), and tell me in the Book Review for Eline's book.

3. And for a 3rd chance to win, tell me about a great crafting book and what you like about it- I LOVE books, and my wishlist always needs new books adding, it's my birthday in March, and it stops all of the rubbish presents!! ; ).  Also put this in the Book Review post for Eline's book (live on 6/1/2013).

The Rules
The project doesn't have to be completely finished if it's a big one, so for example, if you're making a quilt, and the whole top is pieced, that counts for an entry, but if you're making a little pouch or cushion, then it should be pretty much done.  It can be a project heavily inspired by a book pattern, for example, when I made this pouch
  a few weeks ago, the embroidered pattern and basic style, came from the coaster pattern below in Stitch Craft Create, which I reviewed here, but obviously its not a coaster, I "up-projected" it.

Hope that makes some sense, any questions, ask away, and lets get some guilt free sewing in, a chance to win a new book, AND once we start to use up our "old" books, we have a guilt free excuse to get some more, yay! 
Ange x 

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  1. What a great idea. I have few books and rarely look at them. Hope I use you as an incentive to get them out.

  2. Fab idea! I may need to start browsing my too large library of books!

  3. Oh! I am in the middle of a paperback cover with handles / mini bag - pattern from an old issue of Mollie Makes. I will link it up to this when I post about it v soon!

  4. I have a LOT of craft books (see the link on my blog if you want to see how many!) so I will most probably be joining in with this! Does it have to be sewn? I do lots of different crafts.

  5. Great idea! I'm going to have to bow out of joining in in January though as I've already stretched myself too thin - drat! Hmmm, a March birthday....?!
    Sarah x

  6. I got all my books out and had a flick through already today.
    Thanks for getting us all reaching for some printed inspiration.

  7. just have ONE question... WHERE do we link up with our project? To which post?? lol

  8. Great idea...... I've lots of books that I would love to use..... But never get around to it!


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