Monday, 21 January 2013

A Dirty Word.....(or 3)

Works In Progress, or are they Unfinished Objects, either way, they're hanging around messing with my head, and at some point soon, they need to progress, and get finished. So it's not a finish along as such, more a confession, with the hope that if I put it out there, in full view, that some more will get finished, and I can try and clear the decks! :)

And so here is what we have:

1. My beloved Chevron Top, I need to piece a back, in the same coloured fabrics, get it basted and quilted, simple really (or so you'd think)

Pile of crocheted granny squares, these need to be added to and sewn into a plus blanket, as originally planned, or I suppose a straight alternate block, either way there need to be more blocks done, and then some different layouts tried.

My Christmas stars, lovely, didn't make it up for Christmas, are there enough, I count 30 so far.  Maybe make something from them for next Christmas? 
 These spare, random blocks, cushions perhaps, need to look at them and give it a think.


 Craftsy blocks from last year already have 16 done, 4 to make, and then piece them into a top.  I'm thinking pieced back with the remaining fabrics too, there are loads, something scrappy/improv perhaps- which quilt style have I been wanting to try, must have a look through my Pinterest board for inspiration.
This will be my sofa quilt, and it needs finishing, soon.

6. That Hexy Quilt- I've got to get it done, my little one needs her own full sized quilt, and it's been 2 years since I started it, and it's doing my head in!

That's all I can find for now, but I am sure there are more- I'll have another look through and see, and if there are, I'll add them on!

Ange x 


  1. Oh you have your hands full there. Do the hexie first. You will be so proud of yourself it might just motivate you to do the rest.

  2. Yes do the hexies and then move to the machine work. You are going to be busy! Di x

  3. Glad I'm not the only one with my Craftsy BOM quilt sat looking at me. I need to complete the last 2 blocks and put at all together. I signed up for Amy's Sugar Block Club and have completed the January block, perhaps I should concentrate on finishing the 2012 quilt before starting the 2013! Georgia x

  4. Now this is a proper WIP list - things like orphan blocks that need to be made into something - you will have to get your creative hat on! I love the hexy quilt, that one is going to be gorgeous for your little one x

  5. One at a time and DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE until you have finished!!!

  6. Lots of lovelies but your chevrons are devine!

  7. All amazing projects, but those chevrons are amazing! You're much braver than me - I'm scared to list everything!!!!!!

  8. You only have 6! Last count I had over 20 - I know I have a problem...I promised myself to finsih one off at the end of each project before starting a new one. So far it's not working too well...

  9. WIP, UFO's? They niggle you till they drive you crazy, which are you going to attempt first? My problem is more of not actually starting a project, the YTBS (yet to be started list) is a mile long! xx


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