Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Double Liebster Madness

Well, it appears I have Liebster awards coming at me from all angles, what is it you might ask?  Well it's an opportunity to promote other small blogs and to tell a little about yourself. I have been nominated by 2 lovely ladies, first up was Erin at Sew At Home Mummy, I "met" Erin when she set up the Simply Solids Modern Bee and secondly by Nina at Dieting On one Leg

So, to qualify, you need to have under 200 hundred followers or be under 6 months old in blogging terms, and then do the following:

1.List 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer 11 random questions (22 this time, 11 from each)
3. Choose 11 blogs to pass it on to
4. Create 11 questions for those 11 people

So here goes, 11 random things:

1.  I don't like nuts in chocolate (no sniggering Susan).
2.  My favourite singer/songwriter is Prince.
3. My favourite city in the UK is Manchester.
4. I don't like sea food.
5. My daughter is named after a character in a Phillipa Gregory novel.
6. I have one foot a bit bigger than the other.
7. I don't like London.
8. My craftiness started out with cross stitch (a long, long time ago).
9. I used to be an office manager in Electronics (snore).
10. In the days of dial up, I never thought the internet could possibly catch on- it was just toooo slow.
11. I named my first dog Polly, as my friend had a dog and I really wanted one too, and obviously couldn't think of a new name!

From Nina
  1. Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Tea
  2. Name one quilt or pattern that is on your "some day" list. Something Low Volume
  3. Do you live in the city or the country? Country
  4. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of blogging? The funny comments and uploading pictures
  5. Where (sewing room, dining room, etc.) do you sew? Dining room
  6. When you are not sewing or working, what activity do you do?  Run around after my 3 and a half year old
  7. Do you sew in the quiet or is a radio or TV playing?  What is it playing?  All of those, sometimes music, sometimes quiet, sometimes TV
  8. Have you ever been to a quilt convention or retreat and if so, what did you like most about it? Not yet, but going this year to the Fat Quarterly Retreat, yay!
  9. Name a historical figure that you admire. Thomas Hardy- I love his books
  10. Would you rather spend a day at a spa or a day at a fabric store?  A good fabric store, definitely
  11. Do you like to ride roller coasters?  I used to love them, I'm not so bothered any more : )
From Erin
  1. What's your favorite movie? I'm not such a movie fan, more great TV series e.g The Wire
  2. Tell me something about the town you grew up in.  I grew up in an agricultural village in Norfolk, very sleepy place
  3. Where do you think you got your "quilty" or "crafty" gene? My Mum, she was always making things when I was a kid, but more out of necessity I think.
  4. If you had to pick a movie star who's most similar to you (in any way), who would it be (and post a picture, please!)  I can't think of one, I don't do movie stars, unless Cruella Deville counts (and not in looks)!! ; )
  5. What is your most favorite quilt block you've ever made?  The Dresden Plate was pretty fun and effective
  6. Do you have a name for your sewing machine?  No, not for either of my 2 machines
  7. How many sewing machines do you own (and what brand(s) are they)? (and if you have a picture of "Betty" or "Violet", please, post!)  A 60 year old Singer and a newer(!) Pfaff.
  8. What kind of space do you create in (i.e. a spare room, the dining room, the basement, a closet) do tell!  Dining room (at the moment)
  9. What does your significant other think about your crafty ways?  He supports me, but can't exactly understand it
  10. Have you ever participated in an online/virtual Bee? Which one(s)?  Yes, i've done a few, my current ones are the Pretty Little Pouch Swap on Flickr, and the Simply Solids Bee, some amazing talent and inspiration.
  11. If you had to pick one word to describe you, what would it be? Crafty!!
Well, that's enough of that, so here are my nominations, i'll try my hardest to get to 11, can't promise it though!

1. The Cheshire Quilter
2 Doris Batting
3 The Running Hare
4. Just Sew Sue 
5. Espritpatch
6 Lia's Handmade
7. Quilting For England
8. Foster Reviews It
9. Quilts in The Queue
10. Indianna Dreams
11. Red Raspberry

And my questions:
1. What was the nicest dream you've ever had?
2. Where is your favourite place in the world?
3  What is your favourite name?
4. Red or white wine?
5. Favourite gadget (not sewing related)
6. Favourite quilter/blogger
7. Which fruit or vegetable best describes you?
8.  Most exciting thing you've ever done?
9. Most hated word?
10. How did you choose your blog name?
11. What is your worst habit?


  1. In the "blog world" we can sometimes see each other as one dimensional...you are known by your quilts. So it's fun to sort of add some depth to the person behind the quilt! Thanks for your post!

  2. well, since you asked.........
    dream -was meeting my long lost love again
    place.....walking around Rome on a summer evening
    name -' Cousin It '( my relative took a wee bit too long to name the baby)
    wine - red ( nice barossa shiraz please)
    gadget - hair hotbrush
    blogger -( auntie) victoria findlay-wolfe
    veg - asparagus..slender and delicious, ha
    exciting - going to teach trauma skills on the falkland islands, arriving flanked by harrier jets
    hated word - 'challenge' NHS speak for more work, less resources
    blogname = doris batting...doris was my med school nickname, and batting as US equivalent of wadding
    worse habit = catastrophising

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  4. I'm also nominating you for a Liebster, but since you've received it twice already, my questions are voluntary. Woo! I am 90% done with my Liebster post, but I'm not able to post it just yet! Hopefully in the next day or so. Yay! You totally deserve it! :)

    1. http://hotpinkquilts.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-goodness.html

  5. Great insight about you but laughing my head off at your first question for those you have nominated!

  6. I've already had the Liebster award and here are the answers to the old questions, but I will answer yours too on my blog. Thanks for the nomination.

  7. LOL - You're a popular lady!! Love your answers, it's so nice to get to 'know' everyone better :)

  8. Great answers!! I'm with you on the tea drinking, dining room table sewing and first time Retreating - whoop whoop! I really need to get on with my answers and questions, oh heck x

  9. Good to learn a bit more about you - but you don't like London??

  10. Thanks for the nomination Ange. Have been MIA in blogland lately but hopefully this will get me moving! I'm definitely with you on nuts in chocolate! Yucky!
    Am a bit stumped on the best dream question though! Can it be x-rated?? Lol

  11. Thanks for your nomination Ange, I can't believe it has taken me so long to actually come back to you and post about the award.


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