Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ssssh, Its A Secret....

I have my Pretty Little Pouch Swap Partner (round 6, but first for me), and although I can't say who it is, I have to say I'm pleased to be making for someone that has great taste.  The colour and style choices are a little out of my comfort zone, being earthy tones in the vein of Orla Kiely, but I have managed to find a few things in my stash that are suitable (hopefully).
Pretty Little Pouch Swap
Not necessarily all of these, but some might
It's a quick turnaround swap (less than 2 weeks until I need to post), so as I don't have weeks to agonise over what to make, I decided to get started today.  
I was thinking I might do some more paper piecing and then I remembered how grumpy I was at the end of my Bee swap, so I decided to avoid it for now, and figured one of the lovely Anna Maria Horner's Feathers might be in order.  It's reduced in size (by about 50% I think), but is still a little larger than I intended, oh well, my lucky partner gets a larger pouch than planned, if it comes together ok.

So, this is what I have so far, what do you think?  It will actually be horizontal on the pouch, I think with some hand stitching, and there will be some other detail on the back of it.
Feathery Fun- Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Ange x

Plum and June


  1. Love it, and know that 'not quite as small as I was expecting' feeling!!!

  2. I think those colours are going to be really nice. It's nice to get pushed out of our comfy space every now and then.

  3. Love the colours!

  4. Sounds like fun! Love the fabrics you have got ready.

  5. I love your plans - earthy colours, Anna Maria Horner feathers - perfect!

  6. Love the feather - I keep meaning to make one with all my day! How exciting, love swaps :) x

  7. You cage dived with white sharks? How could anything in the sewing world be outside of your comfort zone? You are a wild woman!

  8. Hi Ange,

    Clicked over from Plum and June. You caged dived with sharks? You are too awesome!

  9. Clicking over from Plum and June. Cage diving with sharks? How fun?!? My life is so boring in comparison. :) I love your fabric pull, especially the Prince Charming!


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