Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fabricy Loveliness.........

 On Sunday, I had a little shopping "date" with the lovely Kerry @ PennyDog. We met at The Fabric Guild in Leicester, nice and early (about 9.30ish) and got to work relieving them of some of their excess stock.  For anyone who hasn't been to the Fabric Guild, it's a warehouse on the "not so pretty" does that mean there is a pretty side?  Don't ask silly questions Angela ; ) side of town, that import fabrics directly.  Their reputation can be for the more fugly/granny traditional style of fabrics, but in recent months they have definitely extended their range, and we found some Lizzie House, Constellations(!) (Kerry succumbed), some Creative Thursday, The Red Thread (i couldn't resist, there is just something about rabbits, ladybirds and mushrooms) a lot of Riley Blake, and some Alexander Henry (amongst others).       
And I got THE bargain of the day, £2 per yard, red and white stripe. I bought the final 4 yards they had, and it will be perfect for some bindings- probably with that Creative Thursday quilters pack I got, look how cute they look together in the photo (at the top)

It would seem I am also a sucker for a square-headed panda, so this little quilters pack also came home with me, what is it with kids prints?!?
 And, as a friend is having a baby, it seemed rude to leave without some of this £4.95 a yard supersoft flannel, it's lovely, and perfectly unisex (have you seen those racoons!), so if my friend has a boy or a girl, I'm covered (unlike the playmat quilt I started, which is soooo girly, it should never be foisted on a boy!!).

It's clear that Kerry is a bad influence on me, as I bought more than I intended, but we stayed in the coffee shop chatting for ages. It was lovely, all fabric and sewing related, which was great, and exactly why we need that East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild (yes Rob, I want to join the Guild for you, to save you from hours of boring quilting conversations, what a trooper I am!!).

Ange x


  1. Some great bargains there! Good luck getting the guild off the ground, sounds like a fun idea.

  2. It is fun to shop with seeing friends as you are never nagged to leave the shop! Nice buys too. Di x

  3. I wish I lived closer to Leicester as I would be in there in a shot! Great buys and at those prices how could you say no?!

  4. Great fabric buys, the flannel is super cute perfect for the play-mat. Sarah x

  5. Haha- I forgot about the square face pandas! I do really like that collection and it's really not my usual bag- does it say what the range is called? You know, in case I win the lottery or something and therefore have a good reason to buy even more fabric...?

    P.S. Bad influence? Don't care :P

  6. I feel like crying... Kerry invited me along but I was worried about money. But you have ric rac rabbits! Who needs to eat when they have rabbitS??


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