Monday, 13 April 2015

Q2 Finish Along List

Well some of the same old faces are appearing on the list again, but on a bright note, I did manage to make some major headway on quilts last quarter, and cleared 3 off of the list, which is great progress, alongside finishing the top of Hexy 2! :o)

So, without focusing too much on the repeat offenders, and staying positive, here goes for the coming quarter:

1. Hexy 2  

Started: December 2013.
Current Status:  Top Finished, half the hexy binding sewn together, and backing chosen and pieced.  

Plan: Just need to remove loads of papers, baste and get quilting.

2. The Weekender  
My wrestling partner for the morning! Just the lining to do tonight. #weekenderbagiwillbevictorious
Started: Spring 2013
Current Status: Taken back apart.  Reduce size of the base, re-sew together and then fix the lining 
Plan: No comment

3. Plus Quilt  

Started: Summer 2013 Current Status: Central section completed, need to make lots more pluses!  
Plan:  Keep going

4. Star/Bright Sample Blocks. 
12 blocks from grp 11 & 13 of 3x6 Bee
Started: January 2013
Current Status: Just Blocks
Plan: Piece and quilt

5. Hand Hoop
Hand Hoop WIP
Started: Early 2013
Current Status: Needs hoop finishing off
Plan: Finish and hang!

6.Crochet Blanket

Started: End of 2012
Current Status: All blocks finished, need joining and lining
Plan:Sew them together and get them made into a little blanket

7.  Christmas Quilt 2
Started: December 2014
Current Status: Strips pieced, need sewing together, basting, quilting and binding.
Plan:Finish before Christmas

8.Improv Cushion

Started: Autumn 2014
Current Status: Just the top
Plan: Quilt and make up into a cushion to match the other when it returns from Popular Patchwork.

9. Sunprint Quilt


Started: April 2015
Current Status: Sunprint all cut and ready to sew
Plan: Get it pieced once final blender fabric arrives.

So, I'll be trying to complete another 3 of these at least, and really bringing down my wip's to under 5 before the end of the year, can't have projects hanging around for 2 years plus, forever, now can we!!

Ange x


  1. Hmmm I predict that the Sunprint one will be the first finish ;) BTW don't expect that cushion back for a while...

  2. Love the improv cushion cover colors! -say that five times fast :) Also, LOVE the hexies. I started one and I think i have only ten sewn together. Ha!

  3. Your projects are beautiful, I hope you have fun finishing them too.

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