Saturday, 17 May 2014

Q2 FAL Finish 4- EPP Star Cushion

And here we go with my 4th finish for the quarter, and rather chuffed I am with the finish.  This started out as an EPP project I could take on holiday last Summer to distract me from my revolting morning sickness, and it stopped at this until a couple of weeks back
Front of my new travel embroidery wallet. Rainbow stitchery.
I had originally planned for it to be part of an embroidery travel wallet but I had a change of mind and decided to make it into a cushion instead.  So I decided to add some rainbow borders, until it was a good 20 inches square (I like a big cushion) and backed it with Essex Yarn Dyed using the fabulous Svetlanas covered zip tutorial, and bound it with a Moda Etchings Text print.  

This pillow is now residing on my sewing chair, and very comfortable it is too :o).  Job done, and now I'm down to 12 WIP's, or I would be if I hadn't started the project I mentioned last time, whoops!

Ange x

Friday, 16 May 2014

Q2 FAL Finish 3- Giant Star Quilt

Well this quilt has been finished for well over a week now, and after waiting for the rain to stop, it finally did, but all of the pictures came back too washed out- i'm not complaining about the beautiful sunshine, I promise!  So I decided to take the photos indoors and get on with the post.

Ignore Jerry the Giraffe trying to photobomb hanging off the fridge!
This is a little shame faced finish for me, the fabrics were donated last year by the lovely Amanda at Scissors and Thread for a Siblings Together quilt, and it was all pieced and ready to quilt by February last year, and then was put aside whilst we moved.  Unfortunately, as I got to quilting it just before Retreat last year I was pregnant, and the hot weather seemed to bring on the most awful morning sickness.  The upshot was I missed last years deadline, so had to get this finished for this year.  

And so I have finished it, and now it is all ready to go off to it's new home, I hope it will be loved, it's large and snuggly and crinkly, and is a great weight off my mind- and yes I know that background is brown, it gelt like the right colour choice, and I stand by it!! ;o)

I have another finish that I will be back with shortly, which means I was back down to 12 WIPs, until I started this last night
 As I've finished 4 things off this quarters FAL I'm allowed to start something new right?!?! #losttheplot
Eeeeeek!  Yes that is a Better Off Thread New York Circle of Flying Geese, lets see how much swearing this causes shall we :o).

Ange x

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Quick Fix Projects And Bee Blocks

I have managed to sew a few other items in the last few weeks, including these bee blocks for Annabella my Stitch Tease sister who requested 2 x 12.5 inch blocks. One in Autumn colours:
Block one for @lifesrichpattern #stitchtease
and one in Jewel colours:
Block number two for @lifesrichpattern #stitchtease

I really enjoyed making these, they come together quickly and look pretty cute in different sizes, looking forward to seeing them all in a big quilt.

I've also finished a couple of peg bags, not very exciting I know, but my Mum requested a new one (she clearly doesn't think my skills are up to much!), and as I had needed a new one for about 2 years I decided to just make them.  As luck would have it, Love Patchwork and Quilting had a pattern by the lovely Karen (Blueberry Park) for a peg bag last month, so I wouldn't even need to think about it, yay!
My only problem was that the childrens hangers I purchased from Ikea were just a little too big, and as I had already cut the fabric I had to add some side panels to the fabric, but they turned out well in the end.

And finally, thanks for all of the sympathy over my poor thumb, which has now healed, so I have managed to finish the binding on the Siblings Together quilt, which I will blog about once I can get some photos.

After a busy Bank Holiday weekend, and a few visitors, I will hopefully get the chance to get back to my sewing machine, which I've rather missed, see you soon...
Ange x