Friday, 4 January 2013

The Book Challenge: Copy Cat & Smarty Pants...

Well, I have chosen my book and project for this months Book Challenge, you didn't think I wouldn't have started now did you?  What kind of hostess wouldn't be on top of this for at least the first month!  So, I have chosen a project from Modern Designs for Classic Quilts (you can read my review here), after putting my neck on the line saying I wanted to make every project in the book (that's not an actual commitment you understand, I'm not THAT much of a madwoman!!!), I had to choose one at some point soon.
And which quilt might you ask?  Well, like it says, I'm a little copycat, and I've gone for the Baby Quilt/Playmat which my friend Sarah at Duck Egg Threads made just before Christmas- you can see her boys version here, I am doing a girlie version however.

I have been the ultimate copycat, and even used the same central fabric (Aneela Hoey's Girl on Swing from her Sherbet Pips line- beautiful!) as the book quilt.  I did get a photo of my progress this afternoon (see below), and have since added some patchwork square borders, but no photo yet- so the quilt top is nearly finished, yay!

I'll keep you posted in the next few days. This will probably be for a friend of mine who is due to have her baby any day, and if it is a girl (I'm just guessing, it could go either way!) then I will get it all finished up as quick as possible.

So, the big question is, how are you getting on with your Book Challenges? I would love to see your progress, feel free to link up to any blog posts, flickr pics or the like in the comments section below, and I can have a good look.

Ange x


  1. Looking good, and loving that butterfly fabric you used in the sashing.

  2. The book looks like a good one. Like your quilt too! Di x

  3. Hee hee!! It's looking really sweet, can't wait to see it finished. How did your blocks turn out? I had to do some trimming to get it all to fit (and there I was thinking I'd cut and sewn perfectly, ha!)
    Sarah x


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