Sunday, 29 June 2014

Q2 FAL Finish 5, plus a little extra

With the end of the month fast approaching, I needed to do some work on my FAL if I am going to have at least 2 projects finished each month, and get the list down to 10 (far more respectable than 16!)

I decided to tackle the Improv panel I made at FQR 2013 in Lu Summers' class next, as I only needed to do some Improv stitching/quilting on it, and then make it into something.  So I decided to make one of my current "go to" projects, a cushion, as you can never have toooooooo many on the sofa, right?  Well Rob might disagree, but as I have short legs and a deep seat on the sofa, so I do sometimes find it hard to sit upright comfortably and need extra cushions, well that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it!

So with a little bit more hand stitching this week, we went from this...
 Channeling @lusummers today and trying to finish up this wip from last years FOR. Im liking the addition of black perle. :-)
 to this...
I used solids for the back too, and the fabulous Svetlanas hidden zip method, works every time, absolute genius :o).

I have also been putting all of my sofa time to good use, and a couple of weeks back finished this Hexy Pushchair Pouch. 
Hexy Pushchair pouch.
It's just big enough for a shorter trip out to the shops with the little one, when I just need the basics.  

I attached the zip to the side for easy access when it's hanging, with velcro adjustable straps on the top to hang on the pushchair.  There is also an inside pocket running the opposite way to the outside zip so everything doesn't fall out if it's hanging and I need to use it, and of course the back uses a black polka dot.  It's had a few outings, and is proving itself invaluable in ensuring I don't head out without thefood and nappies (not for me I might add, although there is always room for a little chocolate).

I do have another of my FAL's done, but it's the Secret Squirrel one, so I can't do pics yet!

Ange x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A little time....

Thank you to everyone for all of your cheering for good weather for the big birthday bash, the event started with a torrential storm, but the rain soon stopped pouring, and the kids embraced the fun of being out and about in the garden with wellies discarded; bouncing like mad on the castle, diving around in the teepee tent, and generally enjoying the outside.  The most popular event of the day seemed to be the individual cake decorating, they were like a swarm of locusts over the icing and array of sprinkles, just goes to show, it doesn't have to be complicated for them to enjoy it, and not one cake made it our alive!

So, all of that rather got in the way of my plans to complete my bee blocks right at the start of the month, but after a little fabric sorting last week I managed to pull these together for inspiration.
@trina_peterson hi, I've pulled these fabrics for your blocks, do they look ok generally? Just concerned i don't have much mustard, these are more oranges and yellows. Any that stand out? And it's a grey right? #stitchtease
Trina is this months Queen Bee (it's the start of a new year for our little bee), and has requested 2 star blocks, any star, using the colours above.  I managed to decide on the following block for the first one, it's a 5 pointed star, paper pieced, and the pattern is free here on Craftsy.
@trina_peterson #stitchtease first block :-)
And my second star will be a Lone Starburst, using this pattern, all of the fabrics are cut and ready to go, I just need a little time...

Ange x

Friday, 6 June 2014

It's been a while...

....since I managed to do any machine sewing.  Everything got a bit hectic with half term, preparations for the big 5th Birthday party (this weekend) and life.  So when I got to the machine I felt the need to progress this baby (it had been tormenting me from the sewing table for a few weeks).

A little bit of progress on my NY Circle of Flying Geese. #firsttimeatmysewingmachineinaweek :-(
And with a few hours work whilst little people ate, slept, coloured and danced around, I managed to get the first block complete, and quite frankly i'm rather chuffed with it.
Im thinking after a good press and block trim it won't look half so bad. @betteroffthread #thosecentrepiecesareabugger !
I have since removed the papers and given it a thorough press and it looks great (even if I do say so myself, and lets be honest, it's a great pattern- thanks to the talented Janice at Better Off Thread).  I'm really looking forward to selecting the fabrics for the next rainbow quarter block, but that will have to wait for now.

And so whilst I was on a roll I got my bum in gear and made the final block for my first year in Stitch Tease, and May's queen was the lovely Cindy.  She had selected barn blocks, including a completed 6 inch block, so I decided to do the non phallic version, (don't ask) and indulge my love of dots again. This was what I came up with from Lori Holts fab free pattern.
@cindylou327 all done except need to add my name and country, will do tomorrow. #stitchtease
The centre block is one from Lynne and Kerry's book, and is a version of a Broken Dishes block.

And then onto my final madness.  I decided to make party bags for the 20 kids joining us tomorrow- partly because awful weather is expected tomorrow and i figured they could decorate the bags to distract them from the torrential rain and thunderstorm  All I can say is I'm pleased they're all finished!!
Im getting extra mummy points for making party bags right?!?!
See you on the other side
Ange x