Friday, 26 September 2014

Final Finish For The Quarter FAL 3, Q3

Well nearly another month has passed, and I'm only just back here, whoops!  Life has been a little busy, there has been a bit of sewing, mostly hand sewing on Hexy 2, but I did manage a finish, and it wasn't even the smallest item on the list, so 9 to complete for the final quarter, can't see that happening but I'm going to give it a whirl :o)

Last year for my favourite bee (it's also my only one now, as I decided to reduce my commitments for when the baby was coming), Stitch Tease, I requested house blocks for a quilt for the girls (eek, still feels weird saying that).  After giving a few suggested patterns, I got some fantastic blocks back, and decided to make 2 picnic blankets with them, and this is the first one.

I backed it with a bargain blanket from Primark that I bought a while back, something light weight for dragging around next Summer, as I'm a little late for this year :o)

A big thank you to my fantatic Bee buddies for their blocks, I love them all. The second blanket will hopefully follow shortly, but I seem to be juggling about 20 different things at the moment....

Ange x