Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bee Ahead Of The Game

For once I am not actually getting to my deadlines and finishing just in time, I am a full month ahead, now how about that!
Sues Blocks Plus My Just For Fun
Yellow centre is my tester, and the 3 reds are winging their way to Sue.

These are for Sue over in Jersey, as part of the Simply Solids: A Modern Bee, rather cute + and x blocks, they're cute blocks, and they come together rather quickly, I definitely see some more of these in my future, maybe super sized ones!

Ange x


  1. I've awarded you the Liebster Award. I hope you have fun with it. The info is here:
    Great blocks! Super sized or any size...or a mixture of sizes would be great.

  2. Oooh nice blocks. And get you! Ahead of time?! Very impressive...

  3. they have driven me crazy... trying to get the points of the grey to come right!! Have given up and just made 2 not so good ones xx

  4. Look great. And really cool in the solids!

  5. Great blocks! They look very sharp.

  6. I'm just about to finish an x and plus block quilt - it looks fantastic in your solids. Very cool.


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