Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's A Virtue.....

Lucky Penny anyone? Lucky Angela more like! (FQ Bundle)
I was a very good girl, (ish), so Father Christmas bought me some vouchers for a well known US fabric shop.
Dear Stella (FQ Bundle)
 I was patient (ish) and waited a whopping 24 days for my beautiful parcel to arrive from over the pond, and today, that patience was finally rewarded, and oh what a beautiful parcel.  
3 metres of  both Jellybeans and Sunday Paper for backings
So now I have to figure out what I am going to do with all of this lovely fabric, but whilst i do, I can always stroke it a little!
Beautiful Type by Julia Rothman
Ange x


  1. I take it the elusive order has finally arrived?! Lovely lovely fabrics, Father Christmas was very kind indeed!! Sarah x

  2. Well worth the wait I would say. Love your choices. Di x

  3. Jealous! But happy for you. Love the Beautiful Type the most but all fab.

  4. So many options....does this mean you've finished all your WIPs..... ;) ?! x

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! Definitely worth the wait.

  6. I love the Type! I've had my eye on it, but trying to be good about not buying fabric unless I really "need" it!

  7. Oooh you have the Type bundle too! I was stung by customs on mine so I hope you were a bit luckier. Name the shop!

  8. You must have been a very good girl! Lovely fabric - definitely worth the wait!


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