Monday, 14 January 2013

I Forgot My Old Work Motto.....

.......always under promise and over-achieve!  

When I joined this Bee I thought, 6 blocks in 3 months, no problem, so I joined another one, 12 blocks in 3 months with Christmas in the middle, what kind of idiot am I???  Please don't answer that as I am absolutely frazzled, and with my deadline for posting fast approaching (tomorrow), I am inching closer to being done.  Fortunately I have another 2 completed blocks on the board, yay!
Cille, 3x6 bee, group 11

Sabrina, 3x6 Bee, Group 11

And so that means, just 1 to go, plus, as I chose to paper piece, what is it I forgot I would also have to do?  You guessed it, the tweezers are out and I am carefully trying to remove all of those annoying, paper pieces.  Ok, lesson learned, I will be back tomorrow, and I will have made the last block and posted them all, because this will not defeat me, no no, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

Ange x


  1. You go girl !!!!!!! Love the picture, Good luck. Sarah x

  2. You are doing very well - I am only in 1 Bee and we got December off and I still managed to get behind! Finally on the right block for the right month now though. Love your star blocks - paper piecing is worth it for those lovely sharp corners! Gorgeous x

  3. The blocks are very striking in those colours. What possessed you to go for double??? You will get these done as you are nearly there. Di x

  4. The finish line is in sight. How long are you committed to these bees for?

  5. No you will not! Keep going - you can do it!

  6. Oh I know the feeling- I got all of my bees done for January this weekend. It should be a pleasure not a chore! Still it will be worth it when it's your bee month ;) Keep going!


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