Friday, 5 October 2012

What to do with Mr Robin?

Little Stitches, Little Mr Robin

I stitched this little Mr Robin last weekend from Aneela Hoey's Little Stitches book, to see how easy I found them to do. I have to say, the instructions are BRILLIANT, totally user friendly, and inspiring, easy to follow. I also did a brown version, similar but different, but he's disappeared for now- little fingers I'd guess, my daughter did say he was hers! The question is now, what do I do with him?  I've never entirely seen the point of Christmas Quilts- they're beautiful, but can only be used for a really small part of the year, so any suggestions anyone???

Ange x


  1. Hhhhhmmm, I LOVE Christmas quilts...and leave them lying around all the time, I know I am a bad person. However, you could stitch some more robins and make a set of napkins, you could turn him into a pillow top or you could frame him and leave him on a wall, oh what about putting him on a top for your many ideas, good luck eith your decision :)

  2. I'm popping in from Blogtoberfest to say HI to fellow bloggers.
    The Robin is very sweet. You could leave him in the embroidery hoop and trim the fabric and turn him into a wall-hanging (for your daughters room?)

  3. Incorporate him into a Christmas table runner? Centre the little chap into a quilt block centre and perhaps use some of Aneela's Christmas robin fabric? Di x

  4. I'm with you, I don't really see the point of Christmas quilts. :( But as Di said above, a table runner is a cute idea, especially with Aneela's fabric!! :) He is a super cute birdie.

  5. I love that little bird!
    I like the idea of leaving him in the hoop and just hanging him on the wall. Or you could make a little ornament out of him, and hang him up for the season too.


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