Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blogtoberfest and the hunt for Mojo.

I've decided to join in with Blogtoberfest.  Which basically means I will be trying to Blog every day, just a little for the month of October. 

So that means more randomness and ramblings!  Head on over to I Saw You Dancing to find some more brilliant blogs and some fantastic giveaways going on this month.

Mr Mojo
I find these awful rainy days of Autumn just a little bit sad, they have a habit of relieving me of my mojo, and unfortunately that's what's happened today.  I've been cutting squares (for my Texty Charm Swap and Advent Calendar pockets), and well, it's just not that inspiring.  So tonight, I'm going to see if I can start a more fun project to bring back Mr Mojo with a vengeance, something for me!

Right, I'm off to rummage around in the fabric drawers, happy sewing : )

Ange x


  1. Good luck with the rummaging. I is hard to get the mojo back after losing it for a while.

  2. So glad you're joining us for Blogtoberfest12. That mojo can be a capricious fella!! But that's cool too.
    Kat xx


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