Friday, 26 October 2012

Best Dressed Tigger...

Tigger with C's new scarf

Er, no, this isn't my daughter, although she is as bouncy as Tigger on an average day. But as she is in bed (yay!) and I'm a little dubious about putting pictures of her online, Tigger was stolen from her room whilst she was sleeping agreed to step in and model her new scarf/cowl. I think Tigger likes it a little too much though, I caught him looking at himself in the mirror- it's new owner will not be pleased!!  

The blocking really worked, and both scarves are a lot floppier/softer now, which I rather like- all very surprising for a little steaming, I really can recommend it.  

And here I am in mine, although I HATE having my photo taken, I rather like my new scarf (although I am reminded once again I need to spend less time sewing, and some time at the gym- and my roots need work asap!!).

In my new scarf, with chunky button.
I managed to get some large wooden buttons online, from a nice man at outofthewood1, who makes them from coppiced wood from his woodland in Cornwall, the grain on them is quite beautiful.

Anyway, back to the hand quilting on the Hexys, it could be a long job! : (.

Ange x  


  1. They are both lovely scarves and the wooden button is just right. Di x

  2. Fabulous scarves and buttons! (Seriously, why did the iPad autocorrect feel the need to change buttons to bottoms?!? It drives me crazy at times!)

  3. I love this post! The scarves have turned out lovely and those buttons - wow! (I've just checked out the ebay page). The very willing Tigger and a reluctant model, brilliant. I hope you're proud of the scarf it's perfect. Sarah x

  4. Love both scarves. The buttons work really well with them.


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