Sunday, 14 October 2012

Be still my Lionheart (project)...

Lionheart Project
Look who I found at Twycross Zoo!    For those that haven't heard about the Lionheart Project, this is one of 3 massive Lions that were HAND CROCHETED for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad this year, by artist Shauna Richardson. These amazing lions were crocheted over 2 years, that is some amazing committment to your craft- these are massive pieces of art, go to the websites to check them out with better photos, and some details on how they were constructed.  For your chance to see them, they will be at Twycross until the 21st of December, it's the last stop on their East Midlands tour bus, very rock and roll!

As well as the lions outside, there were hundreds of terrific crocheted and knitted flags all over the food hall, alongside the mini lion pictured below, which really brightened it up.

Crochet Flags

Crochet flags

Mini Lion Project
 This was a lovely start to a fun zoo trip for my little girl, which also included seeing these:
Grumpy Primate

Meerkat Posse

Cute Otter, begging for food

Capybara and baby!

All in all, a very good day!
Ange x


  1. Love the crochet lions, and the flags! Looks like you had a good day out!!

  2. They're just fabulous aren't they. Did I give you some of the yarn left over from the Lionheart project? If not let me know and I will bring you some. Looks like you had a fab day out - I love the meerkat pose!

  3. They are wonderful! I hadn't heard of the Lionheart Project before, Wow they are amazing.


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