Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dotty about Spots and Squares.

If you saw my post yesterday, I mentioned Sarah over at Duck Egg Threads had been working on her photos and getting light into them, and it inspired me to do something about mine, which are at best, average!  So I managed to find some mount board at my local Range in Leicester, and today I went about trying to get some better photos for upload.  I did try both the black and the white board, but I have to say the black produced better pictures (in my opinion), so I've gone with those ones.

So, what have I actually been up to sewing wise?  Well, on Tuesday night I did indeed make something for myself to help with the mojo, and it worked, as I was up until half 1 (Wednesday morning) finishing it off, ouch!  And that was a crochet roll for my hooks, with space for scissors and any other little bits I need to take with me.  Now don't expect professional photos from my efforts, but I have to say, they're lots better than they were, with the help of a reflector (a foil covered smaller cutting board, all very improv), as well as the board.  So here goes, *drumroll*
Inside of my new Crochet Roll

My cute new Crochet Roll, all tied up!
 What do you think?  

I decided to go all improv for the inside, and as I love polka dots and spotty fabric, I decided to raid my scraps drawers and pull out all of my dotty ones.  I then just randomly started sewing them together, then cutting them at odd angles, and then re-sewing them until I got this mix, and I rather like it.  The pocket is made from a Hot Pink Essex Linen (it has matching white stilettos too ; ), OK, rubbish joke I know) and the outside is a Grey Essex Linen, both purchased from Emma's Fabric Studio a couple of months ago, along with one of her terrific scraps packs (see the white fabric with different colour dots, on the inside of the crochet roll) and a couple of other fabrics.  She has a lovely range of fabrics, well worth a look, and the service is fantastic- and no I don't get paid to say that, its an independent opinion! : ).

I have also been chopping up some fabric to make these
Addicted to Text Charm Swap
 for my Addicted to Text UK Charm Swap. I'm being a good girl and posting them early (today) as they only have to be there at the start of November, and this way I know they've arrived and I don't let anyone down, which I hate doing! I couldn't get the light right in these, they're better than they were, but I have some other ideas on trying to improve them.

I have also been fussing around with the pockets for my advent calendar, but as with all of these things, I tend to take ages to get something I'm happy with the first time,which means it's a long, drawn out process, and so far, this is all I have to show for it!
Back to it.

Ange x


  1. What a gorgeous crochet roll! I did a double take, it was as if you'd raided my scrap drawer, I love using polka dots!

  2. Hi, great photos, I'm going to have to try the reflector idea. The black background looks good. And those dots, just lovely! Sarah x


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