Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Airing My Washing.....

Well, not exactly! But there are a few finishes, and I can share this one with you:
Yarn Bag - Poppy Treffry Design
 It's the knitting bag I started last week with the Poppy Treffry book I reviewed- I rather like it, what do you think?  The instructions were a little barer than I would have liked, but as I've made several of this tote style bags so far, it wasn't a huge leap to figure them out.

I have made another small finish that I can't share at the moment, but I have popped it in the post and when it arrives with its recipient I will reveal all.  

And today I received fun post, 

Yummy Perle
and exactly what i had been waiting for (for what felt like forever), so it's time to start planning which colours to use for my hexy hand stitching, so many decisions.....

Ange x


  1. Sweet bag and the perle looks so nice. Di x

  2. Look at that lovely perle, it arrived at last!
    Sarah x


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