Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My name is a Angela, and I am a .............. addict.

Fill the blanks!!  I think it is reasonably clear that I LOVE fabric, just ask my man- I think he's worried he'll return home one day to find me buried alive under a fabric mountain.  I have a lot of lovely fabric, and the reason, well, just because- and surely I'll use it 1 day!?!?!  Anyway, as well as a love of fabrics, I also love books.  And from the time I learned to read, I loved to own them, read them, re-read them, browse them and read them some more.  Now I don't get so much time to read so many books, I love craft books.  Something I can pick up, flick through, maybe make something from, or use for inspiration.  


So, with that in mind, I am really looking forward to doing some book reviews in the next few weeks- and here are the first few I'll be checking out:
Tildas Spring Ideas- Tone Finnanger
Stitch and Sew Home- Eline Pellinkhof
Freehand Machine Embroidery- Poppy Treffry
101 Ways to Stitch, Craft, Create- Multiple Contributors

I'll be doing my first review next week, but the next question is, which one should I review first? Oh, decisions, decisions!

Watch this space. : )

Ange x


  1. BOOK!

    Go on, do the Tilda book first, it looks so sweet. Looking forward to all your reviews. Sarah x

  2. No! Please do the Stitch & Sew Home first. What a good idea to do a review of the books. Di x

  3. Tilda - I'm an addict too and proud of it!


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