Monday, 17 September 2012


++= FUN!!!!!!

If I was a believer in these things, I would say the stars have aligned in my favour these last couple of weeks.  

Now let me explain.  Just over a week ago I received my copy of the terrific Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey.  It is a beautiful book with some really cute embroidery patterns in it, and I am a HUGE fan of her fabric lines, especially A Walk In the Woods, which was the first one I "discovered" about 6 months ago.  Now, when it comes to embroidery, I don't think I'm especially capable, but this book has it so beautifully explained, I almost believe it wont be toooooooo hard to get great results. 

And then the lovely Kerry at Penny Dog Patchwork offered up a free book for anyone who wanted to do a book review for her. The book was Pre-Cut Combo Quilts from Debra Fehr Greenway.  So I offered to do this for her, and she kindly sent it to me last week (more about this later in the week). 

As if that wasn't a good enough few days, I got an email at the weekend telling me that I'm one of the WINNERS of the Moda Blog Hop at Aneela Hoeys Comfort Stitching blog. I never win anything, and I am currently on a self imposed fabric buying ban, so this was particularly welcome news.  And now I have a Sew Stitchy Jelly Roll coming my way, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't think you can even buy this line in the UK at the moment, its still on its way from over the pond, although I know The Village Haberdashery have it on the way.

Can you see where I'm going with this?? I'm thinking, Jelly Roll in a quilt using the Pre-Cut Combo book for help (I've never used a Jelly Roll before), and some embroidery from the Little Stitches incorporated, like I said, serendipity.

Now,  I just need to finish some more of the projects I've already started....................

Ange x


  1. Sounds like a fine plan. I think that it will make a beautiful quilt. Di x

  2. Oooh yey, I look forward to getting your review (and keeping the publishers happy and keep them sending me more books mwahahaha).

    I'm on a fabric ban too and have been winning fabric ever since- it's a good system ;)

    Lovely Jelly Roll- sewing with them is so much easier than big pieces of fabric. I think jelly rolls are my favourite precuts

  3. How exciting!! I'm definitely going to check out those books. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Sarah x


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