Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Roundup

It's been a busy month, but I haven't managed to finish all of my WIPs, here's where we got to:

All done:
7.  Stockings all made- just some more embroidery to complete! 

3.  Complete Foxy Pouch for swap

4.  Complete Chevron Quilt Top

6.  Attach hangers to Dresden Plate Mini

12.Complete 2 Mo blocks for DJ Coolbear

2. Complete Tumbler Quilt

Off List:
Robin Embroidery Practised
Spinning Stars Cushion Completed

Lots of crochet practised

No progress:
1.  Octagon quilt (need to finish the quilting and then bind it)
9.  Christmas Advent Bunting
11. July and August BOM's and now September, oops!

Progress made:
8.   Advent Calendar- lots of pieces cut
10. Hexy Quilt- front completed, hand stitching backing next
5.   Coasters- 1 out of 4 so far!

Well, that's 6 of my 12 projects completed which is OK (althoug I had hoped to get more done), now I need to finish these others in October, AND leave some space for any other ideas I might want to work on.  

So, what have you been making this month, and what's on your list for October??

Ange x


  1. Wow, half your WIP list is pretty darn good, well done!

    This month I'm finishing off my 9 year old son's quilt (ran out of thread during the quilting bit so not much left), starting (and hopefully finishing!) my owl quilt and then starting a quilt for my 5 year old son using Ric Rac Rabbits. I'd also like to make myself a dress and star making some baby clothes for my not yet here nephew using up leftover fabric from my boys. I'm also working on finishing some of my knitting WIPs in an end of year tidy up.

    Followed over from the Small Blog Meet, nice to 'meet' you!

  2. Love the chevron quilt and the fox especially!

  3. Fabulous makes!! I adore that Chevron top!

  4. Your Chevron top is fierce! Absolutely lovely! And I love a long WIP list. I always feel so much more accomplished when I strike things off a long list, even if I can't finish them all!

    Visiting from Lily's Quilts. Nice to meet you! :)

  5. Visiting from Lily's Quilts -- your finishes are gorgeous, Angela!! I especially love that foxy pouch and that amazing chevron top. Those tumblers are cute too. Beautiful!

  6. Wow, you've achieved an amazing amount! I love that fox pouch!!!

  7. You've done a lot! It all looks wonderful!!

  8. Your spinning stars cushion looks great - was interested to read that the blocks were quite tricky to get right though. I am pretty tempted to do a spinning stars quilt but not sure I want to use a template method - might have to see if I can work out a way to foundation peice it. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. So much done! Love the Chevron quilt!

  10. LOVE the spinning stars cushion. You did great work this month!

  11. My goodness you have been busy. Love it all, but the chevron quilt is stunning

  12. You've been so busy, everything looks wonderful! I really need to get shifting on my ever expanding list. I've re-visited my list today, adding, prioritising and postponing. Sarah x

  13. Wow I am impressed! I just popped over from the small blog hop and I can't believe how much you did and it is all beautiful. Well, nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  14. Wow... here from Lily's blog - Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)
    You have accomplished A LOT this month! Love the colors in the tumbler quilt and the mo blocks are so fun!! Sherri

  15. Lots of fabulous makes! Loving the little fox!


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