Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Off listing- is that allowed??

So, despite the fact I still have 10 "jobs" left on my big list, I'm in the full on mental planning involved in starting new quilts, I'm not actually starting until at least next Wednesday (12th), but I'm doing all of that mental "cheating" on my current jobs, and working out the fabric choices and colours!  

So, what are these exciting new projects?  Well, i've been led astray by the devilish Katy from I'm A Ginger Monkey who is running a Spinning Stars Quiltalong, from the design by Anna Maria Horner, and the lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts who is doing a Jackattack Quiltalong.  Now, so far I have done a sum total of zero quiltalongs, so why on earth have I signed up for 2 of them within a few days.  Er, well the answer to this is that I am clearly bonkers, no, not really, its just that they are 2 brilliant designs, and I just thought, "Why not?".  I was about to start some new projects once the quilts were completed and some of this list was down, so I'm just getting ready a bit earlier.

So far, I am thinking to use some of the following fabrics in my stash for the Jackattack, so what do you think? 
Some Amy Butler fabric and some other lovely prints to choose from.

The Union Jacks are pretty large in this quilt, so it's great for the big prints in my stash I don't have a home for! I'll keep you updated with my final choices and progress on this.

As for the Spinning Stars, well I haven't made my mind up about fabrics yet, I have a vague buzzing in the back of my head about using the Summersville fabrics I've been saving and stroking for the last few months, but maybe not.  I'll be printing off the template and seeing the real sizes of the template pieces against the fabrics in my stash, which should help me get an idea of scale, and what will work, and what wont.



  1. Oh I was thinking of doing the Jack attack too, but I still have loads of stuff unfinished. Your colours look good

  2. Love the fabrics you've chosen for the Jack Attack!

    I don't see any problem in starting a gazillion projects, as long as, at some point in our busy lives, we finish em! x

  3. Loving that fabric you've chosen! I quite fancied this quilt along but the pedant in me won't allow it due to the name!!

    It's perfectly fine to have at least 300 WIPs, that probably means you need to start some more!


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