Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Addicted To Text- A UK Charm Swap

I spotted a rather cool looking Charm Swap, by a lovely lady on the Brit Quilt Flickr forum earlier in the week, and as I've never done one, I thought I would join in.  For those that don't know, charm swaps involve buying a metre of fabric (according to the swap rules) and cutting it into 56 five inch charm squares, then posting them off to a nice lady who divides them up (usually 2 of each) and who then returns 56 squares back to you with 28 different designs.  It's a great way to get a really nice variety of interesting fabrics for a project.  This charm swap is all based around text fabrics- which seem to be particularly popular this season. 
After a bit of a false start with this fabric

Benartex- Make Do and Mend by Michelle D'amore
 I have bought this one, which i also really like.

Holly Holdermans Antique Calligraphy

Everyone puts their purchases or suggestions in the Flickr pool, so if you check them properly there should be no doubling up (don't go there!!).  There are so many beautiful fabrics already in the pool I can hardly wait to send them off, so I can get them back- I feel a texty project coming on, maybe a new bag???

Needs Some WIPping Into Shape List!
As progress has been a little slow this week (my lovely man has been at home having a holiday from work), I've not finished any new stuff.  I have made some progress on the Christmas Stocking front, but not finished anymore yet, but I have a new toy on the way which should make it easier to manage some of the items on my list with a bit more speed- more details to follow when it arrives!

I've also been crocheting Christmas decorations at my weekly class, although wether they make it onto the Christmas tree is subject to debate as:
A. My little monster loves playing with them, and
B. My other half used some pretty offensive language to describe them!  How rude, I don't think he's a fan of my crocheting skills, I probably haven't helped by "threatening" to make him a hat, scarf and mittens for Christmas, if he's not a bit nicer!  Ha, ha!!

Have a terrific rest of the week, and for those in the UK, I hope you manage to evade damage from the floods!

Ange x


  1. I've never done a charm swap, and never really understood how they worked, its a great idea.
    I'm intrigued about your new toy, can't wait to find out what it is.
    Sarah x

  2. Hi Ange,

    I am looking forward to swapping texty charms with everyone, red text is obviously popular ;) I had been wondering what to make, a bag is a good idea, I will have to get my thinking cap on.

    I'm busy making hexagons from Kate Spain 'Joy' for a xmas project at the moment, good luck converting your husband to the merits of crochet!

    Georgia x


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