Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy Scrappy & Slowly, Slowly.....

Happy Scrappy!

Received today from Amy's Crafty Shenanigans

Today was a good post day, as I received my Scrappy Pouch, Scraps and gift tags from the lovely Amy In UK (Amy's) Crafty Shenanigans.  My Scrappy Pouch is made up of some lovely fabrics, including a really cute safety pin fabric, some of which I also have in my scrap bundle, which is packed with all manner of delicious fabrics. I will be using my pouch for carrying around my sewing essentials day to day, it will be well used.

I've really enjoyed this swap, there are some terrific items being made for it, and I love being able to push myself to try new techniques and items, I'm looking forward to joining my next one, so watch this space.....

I am getting quite a collection of lovely scraps now, so much that I think I feel a Scrappy Quilt coming on, something from the Sunday Morning Quilts book I love so much!  I purchased it from the Book Depository, who I have to say, have been cheaper (often significantly) that my usual favourite online bookseller (Amazon), on quite a few books I've seen in the last few months.  Their delivery isn't quite so quick/slick, but if you can wait an extra few days, its worth the saving, around £4.70 on this book alone.

Slowly, Slowly.......

I have managed to make a little progress on my jobs list, as the Tumbler is now all but completed, I just need to add the label and the baby name when she arrives, and then I can finish the last little bit of binding.  

Also, I have made my first coaster, I plan to make 4 in total, so I'll add some photos when they're all done- I did try some more paper piecing, and it looks pretty cute. 

So that makes 5 of my 12 completed, 2 in progress, and 5 projects to start and finish in the next 19 days, better get my butt in gear!!!!

Ange x


  1. Amy has made you a brilliant scrappy pouch. She lives up to her blog name. Di x

  2. You've made great progress today, you've been busy.


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