Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Head Spinning Star

Spinning Star Block 1

So, today I started my "proper" Spinning Stars block for the quiltalong, looks good doesn't it?!??  Looks can be deceiving, this is a very, very naughty block, it MADE me swear A LOT!  

It seems I may have ironed rather than pressed, and so when it came to sewing it all together, all of the little points and edges seemed to line up, but this left the middle all, well, poouffy and distorted.  Now I know that's not a real word, but its kind of descriptive of the way it just wouldn't lie flat.  So, with a little bit lot of unpicking, re-sewing, re-unpicking and re-re-sewing, and some gentle PRESSING, it is now kind of flat, phew.

Originally I had planned to make a crib sized quilt, but as I need a large sofa cushion for the lovely Mr H.O.C, to keep out winter draughts and support his sofa surfing, I thought I might make a couple of them into a big cushion for him, to keep him happy. 

Lets hope the air isn't turned quite so blue making the other blocks, fingers crossed! 

And don't even mention the WIP list, I had planned on getting some more coasters finished this afternoon, but I was too busy wrestling this beast.  : (



  1. The pain of sorting out the bias problem was worth it. I love making cushions as the are just mini quilts. Great idea to make a couple. Di x

  2. Such pretty colours, looks fine to me. I like the Spinning Stars design too, which quilt along are you doing? Sarah x

  3. I think your block looks wonderful, I really love the colours you've picked and hopefully now you've had a bad block the rest will play nicely!!
    I cant wait to start mine, but I must do a practice one first!


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