Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Orphans, Siblings, and the Volume Down Low.

A busy couple of days here in Charnwood, as I need to get February moving and some projects under way.  So, I started off by working on my UFO list, do you remember these from a couple of weeks ago?
Poor little Orphan blocks needed a purpose (don't we all), so I decided to use these up as per the lovely Katy Jones' recent tutorial on her Sizzix blog. Some super sized pouches, just bigger versions of the little extra pouch I made for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap (below)
I figured they would make really good project bags for my fabrics (to keep them together), as at the moment, this is the kind of thing I'm using to keep specific projects together.
Not very inspiring now is it?  And this is how those blocks look now, once I had added on some borders, and made them up (just a couple of hours work for all 3).
These are fab, and a great way to remember a fun project, or in the future I might be tempted to make an extra block and make them into quilt bags to keep them in, now there's an idea!

Rammed to the rafters with my Skill Builder BOM fabrics
I have also decided to start Siblings Together quilts this week. On Monday I received this beautiful package of 12 fq's from Amanda at Scissors and Thread. 

She generously offered the Tanya Whelan fabrics for someone to make into a quilt- and I was super quick and got in there first!  I hope I can do them justice, I've already started chopping, so watch this space.

And finally, (breathe Angela), I received this gorgeous selection of Low Volume fabrics from the Charm Swap Laura held over on Flickr, aren't they just perfect!

Ange x



  1. I have just finished a Tanya Whelan quilt top in exactly those fabrics! It is one of my Finish-a-Longs. Stupidly I have folded it up ready to send to the quilter before taking a photo. Doh!

  2. Oooo! Love the low volume!

  3. Brilliant way to use up orphan blocks - I have 16 of them.... I'm off to make some pouches :)

  4. That is a clever way to use up left over blocks. I am going to have to copy you!!!! The Tanya Wheldon fabric is going to make a real girlie quilt. Di x

  5. the project bags are lovely, such a great idea! I'm joining in the Sewing Themed paper piece BOM, this might be a nice idea for the finished blocks, so thanks!

  6. Love both those quilt bundles! Lucky you :-)

  7. Love the way you used the orphan blocks! Now go make that Siblings quilt. ;-)

  8. All good there missus! I'm thinking John Merrick-style head bags for the big orphan blocks ;)

  9. Ooh I can't wait to get my charms. Gorgeous fabrics for the ST quilt and I love how you used up the orphan blocks!

  10. Love the pouch idea for the blocks. They look fab

  11. 2 comments...
    .....A carrier bag? Noooooo! Love the spare block bags much much better.
    .....Aren't the Low Vol charms great? Now pass me a carrier bag so I can store them..hee hee :-))

    Sarah xx

  12. Yeah I keep my project fabrics in a bag too, except when I'm actually working on it- my Fryed Pixels fabrics are all in a basket at the minute as I keep dipping in and cutting little strips off every now and again!

    Can't wait to get back sewing, I've not sewed for about a fortnight now other than a little bit of hand stuff when I was away and I might be away this weekend too!


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