Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wrestling, Zipping It, And Curtain Twitching

Although i have been a little quiet in the last few days (well online anyway), I've been busy sewing up a few bits and pieces. 

My main job was wrestling with my version of the Giant (Vintage) Star Quilt for Siblings Together.  You may remember I started out with these beautiful FQ's that Amanda kindly donated to the cause a couple of weeks back.
And after a little discussion with this lovely lady (Susan) last week, I decided to go with a solid brown background, BROWN, I hear you say, BROWN, well yes, I know I'm not big into brown (except chocolate that is!), but it seemed like the right choice-and there is a little bit of brown in some of the prints.
 And although it's possibly a little darker than I would have liked, limited options at The Fabric Guild on Sunday, that same lady has suggested a variegated pink thread on the brown might "lighten" it up a bit, she's ever so clever isn't she!

I did spend quite a bit of time cursing whilst making this block, not because it isn't great, but all that bias sewing, AND squaring up of rather large blocks, means there are a few pointy points not quite as, well, pointy, as i would have liked.  I'll tackle the basting and quilting next week I think, so this will end up being my first quilt of the year.

I also, finally, got around to making up my first (tester) triple zippy After a couple of days with these hanging round
 I started to put it together at half 9 last night.  It was all done before half 11 (and I spent quite a bit of time, emailing, and reading blogs inbetween).
It's not perfect, but I learned quite a few bits in the making including:

1. Cut off the spare fabric on the end tabs (like it says in the tutorial!) before attaching them, that way you can ensure all 3 zip ends will line up with one another, and not be wonky (oops)

2. Make sure the end bits of zips are cut back far enough, they weren't on one and it's made it a little lumpier than it should be.

3.  When Marci (in her alternate ending) says not to go over the zip, don't go over the zip, it makes it lumpier!

I suppose I can be forgiven for those points as it was late, and I was distracted/half asleep, but lessons learned for next time.  On that note, I'm thinking of QAYG for the next one, has anyone else got any advice on that front? I've not done QAYG before.

And so what have I got planned for this afternoon, after spending the morning in my rubber gloves (cleaning, nothing pervy) and dancing around the house to Kylie (don't ask)?  Well, some time with these:

 Yes, my friends, curtains and blackout linings, snore!  What are you up to on this day for lovers??

Ange x


  1. A day for lovers?? - Pah!!!! I must have been married far too long. I'm working on a prototype today which as always with this sort of work involves lots of unpicking.

    Your quilt top looks HUGE, a large very pretty quilt top, hooray!
    Sarah x

  2. Well done on getting your triple zipper made, and I love the giant star, and not even going to mention the brown ;)
    I've been shopping with hubby for fabric and now enjoying the last of the peace before collecting the kids - romance is not dead.

  3. What a fabulous star quilt! Love it :-)

  4. Darling Zippy! So glad you tried! Here's a fine tutorial on qayg: It's fun!

  5. Stop being nice to me. It scares me. ;-)

    The brown may be dark but it shows off the fabrics beautifully and the triple zippy is a triumph.

  6. I love what you've done with the Tanya Whelan fabrics, it looks great. Lovely triple zipper too - there are lots of great tips out there for them, definitely worth reading.

  7. Love the giant star and the Tripple zippy too.

  8. Love the star quilt. I would like to make one too. I made a triple zippy bag using quilt as you go. I loved the method and it used up lots of little scraps. Di x

  9. Love the star quilt and zippy pouch but curtain making!! ;-)

  10. I love brown - and it goes with pink so well!
    Don't change a thing in your zippy wonk! Gives it character.

  11. Your star quilt is going to be fab and well done on the triple zippie - I think we all learned from doing the first one!

  12. Hi there, I have just found your blog, I too, live in the heart of Charnwood, and I quilt, sometimes!

  13. Ah it's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Such a wonderful cause. And your zipper pouch is just lovely too :-)

  14. Your triple zippy is too cute!

  15. That quilt top is beautiful - I'm excited to see the finish! And your pouch looks great too - I'll have to remember your tips for when I make one.

  16. The star quilt is fabulous! I love it. It is going to look great with the pink thread on the the brown background.


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