Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stitch Savvy- Deborah Moebes.

Don't Forget this months Book Challenge, win a free copy of this fantastic book for making something from one of your craft books! Here is the Flickr group link .

So, onto the review, Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes is one of those ring bound, beautifully photographed sewing project books we all need in our book arsenal.
There are 25 fabulous projects ranging through various levels, from basic cushions (pillows for our American cousins), quilts and shoulder bags, all of the way to Sashiko Curtains (love!), clutch bags, and clothes.  The book is divided into 5 sections, Home decor, Patchwork & Quilting, Bags, Sewing For Children, and Clothing, and I for one, am smitten with the projects, I barely know where to start.  

There are some fantastic advice sections in the book, with sewing basics, and some projects to warm up your skills, and although it is suitable right from beginner level as they are all graded for difficulty from 1 to 5, there is still lots to be found of interest for the more experienced sewer.  All of the patterns come on CD, so can be printed out with ease, very handy.

My personal favourites, well there's a long list. I am about to start by using the pattern for the Paving Stones Quilt, which will be my pieced backing for my Chevron Quilt.
 And then of course, there is the Whole Cloth Quilt, which is phenomenal in it's simplicity and beauty.
 The Sashiko Window Treatment (curtain to us lesser mortals), which I will definitely be using, whether for a curtain or another project.
This gorgeous little girls dress, which I am sure my daughter would love, as she HAS to wear a dress every day, no matter what the temperature, and as she is tall and skinny, it can be a little bit of a pain to get them to fit properly.  I've not ventured into clothes making yet, and it terrifies me, but I'm guessing a basic dress for a little one can't be that hard (eeek, that statement might come back and bite me on the bum!).
 And finally, this satchel bag, gorgeous!
 All in all, 224 pages plus CD of fabulous patterns and projects, well worth a buy, some fantastic inspiration. I can definitely see me making a lot of the items in the book, now where is that rotary cutter?

Ange x

If you want to buy the book it's available at Stitch Craft Create, and other good book retailers.
Please note that whilst I was not paid for this review, I have been given the book by the publisher, but there are no restrictions on the review, I am free to give me opinion- which this is.


  1. Really like the look of that satchel! Are you going to make one?

  2. Definitely make the dress for your little girl, you'll find it's NOT harder than the quilting and sewing you currently do. It's a different vocabulary but look at your piecing accuracy! Of course you can make a dress!

    by the way, are we allowed to link up more than one project, I've just realised I did a second project from a craft book this month, or do you want us to stick to one?

  3. I love ring bound books, they make following instructions so much easier. Like the idea of the paving stones for a quilt back.

  4. Go make some little girl dresses for someone for the summertime. You know you want to!

  5. Oooh looks like there's loads in there!

  6. Oh I hope you make the satchel bag.

  7. Oh that does look a good book - I love every project you showed! Off to amazon...

  8. Looks like a great book, I love that it's spiral bound, wish more were like that! ~ Tabatha at ~

  9. This book has been on my check it out list. I'll be curious to see how you like it.


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