Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Never Realised... exhausting having fun is. Today I have been mostly with this lovely lady (picture stolen from her blog)

Stolen from Susan's blog, hehe, I'm sure she wont mind
and isn't she absolutely wonderful!  For those that don't know her, her name is Susan and she blogs at Canadian Abroad, most days, and is an incredibly thoughtful and kind hostess, as well as a fantastic quilter, sewer and embroiderer.  I saw her latest quilt finish, Singing The Blues in real life, and Susan had to beat me off of it, as I was so tempted to run away home with it! 

Not content with greeting me with a homemade, just out of the oven Lemon Drizzle!!!! (one of my absolute favourites, and it was as light as air, and truly delicious) Susan also gave me a massive bowl of the most delicious Potato and Leek soup for lunch- she knows how to take care of her guests.  We drank tea, chatted, Susan helped me choose a background colour for my Siblings Together quilt, and had a thoroughly grand old time. Nearly 5 hours have never passed so quickly.  
Also stolen from Susan's blog
And did I mention the brilliant present the lovely lady gifted me. Well it's definitely one to brag about, it's a fantastic hoop for my new (when we move) sewing room! You might have seen it on her blog yesterday, where we had a high old time guessing the ending.

Now you're jealous of my new sewing buddy aren't you?  Yep, I don't blame you, she's fab!

Ange x


  1. Susan is for real then! Not just a blog...amazing. Fantastic hoop and lemon drizzle too, a perfect day all round.

  2. Okay, Helen (comment 1) is making me laugh. And you are making me blush. It was a great day and I loved having you here. So much so that you can come back tomorrow. There is leftover soup after all. And cake.

  3. I love the embroidery! That could easily be my new motto.

  4. That little hoop is summing my week up nicely. Only 1 more day of work to go...

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  6. Looks like a fun day with a lovely lady. Di x

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  7. Damn right I'm jealous! Actually, I emailed Susan earlier this morning :D And yeah, I am jealous!

  8. Susan was my first ever bloggy friend and she is wonderful :-)! I have been lucky enough to see some of her quilts in person and they are gorgeous..oh and eat her chocolate cookies! You are lucky to spend time with her as she is just the nicest person!!

  9. Yes, very jealous! Glad you both had a fun fun-filled day, although I'm a bit miffed you didn't send me any of that lemon drizzle cake, fresh out of the oven too, yummy


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