Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Handy Hoop Kind Of Weekend.

I managed to get the text of my Sarcasm hoop all done, but as I didn't have a hoop of just the right size, either too big or too small, I will have to wait a couple of days to finish it all off.  I'm thinking it needs some kind of stitchy frame to it, but will make that decision once I have a better sized hoop.

I also managed to make some major progress on another stitchy, hoopy project on my world tour of the South of England (we worked out it was at least 11 counties visited/driven through). I pinned this image a long while ago, and thought I might make my own little version for our new home.

Embroidered hands

This is our version, now I just need to stitch our names down the side of the hands and add the year, and it will be done- maybe hoop, or maybe a frame, I'll check out my options once it's finished.
So that's what I've been up to, it made the hours spent (not driving!) in the car a little more palatable.

Ange x


  1. A really lovely hoop that :-)

  2. Love the stitching. made me smile.

  3. Oh my little sarcastic protege. I am so proud. Love the hand prints. Wish I had done that when the girls were small.

  4. Hee hee, you're like the Goldilocks of embroidery hoops ;o)

  5. Oh I love the hands hoop - may have to do that too!


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