Sunday, 10 February 2013

Disappearing 9 Patch

The March block for my Simply Solids Bee is a Disappearing 9 Patch, chosen by Carol at The Running Hare. It's not one I've made before, but looks like it can be used in lots of different ways to add interest to a quilt block. I figured before I got Carol's fabric, I would give it a trial run, and also as I'm planning on making extra blocks every month, I could make one for myself.
Carol has decided she wants a range of blues in her block, with the above block construction.  I've decided to use some of my solids, and started out with this.
But after a bit of rotary action
and changing round of the blocks
 this way
and that
I found this set up, which I rather liked, so I decided to stick with it.

I decided to make another one today and try it the opposite way 
 They're a bit contrasting, but if one of them can't be used when I put all of the different blocks together I can always make a project pouch out of it, or a bag for my head (thanks Hadley I got the hint!).
Ange x


  1. Love the mix of colours. Should make for an interesting quilt.

  2. this months fabrications mag has a layout for this block ...looks good by the way xx

  3. After not seeing DP9 blocks for ages, I'm seeing them everywhere at the moment - your blocks are very cool indeed!

  4. Oh you now know the bag was not for you!!!!!

  5. Those pastels with the grey are adorable!

  6. Funny, I got the urge to make Disappearing 9 patches today - must be something in the air!

  7. I really love the mix of colours in the block!

  8. Those blocks are fantastic, so effective. I love them.


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