Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Pink Princess and Samaritans Purse

After a busy weekend, and a little illness downtime I've bounced back with a few little finishes including my little ones new crown for her fancy dress party
One dressing up crown, all finished
She's going as a princess of course, despite my best efforts to steer her away from scary pink, and into an spider man outfit, all to no avail (just kidding, sort of!).

And then today I have handed over my finishes for Samaritans Purse, a Christian charity that gives out shoe boxes of presents to underprivileged children in the developing world. 
New bags and pencil cases
I decided it would be nice to try and make a few little things that were pretty, and hopefully add a little sunshine into their lives, so as well as the usual sweets, I included some bracelet making craft kits, crayons, pens, and colouring paper and made these little pencil cases, and some cute bags to carry them all in.  And as I had this extra bag already made up, I gave it to my friend to put into the box she was making up too.
 I will be back later in the week with an update on what I got up to at my screen printing class with the lovely Sarah Waterhouse, and it's about time for a book giveaway and review, yay!

Ange x 



  1. I've heard of Sarah Waterhouse, I didn't realise she did classes. Must check them out in the new year. Looking forward to hearing about it.
    Sarah x

  2. Those pencil cases and bags are going to be a sure fire hit with the children. Di x

  3. The crown is so cute Ange. I'm trying to steer my almost 6 year old back to princesses as now she wants to have a Hotel Transylvania birthday party and cut her hair and dye it black!! I told her she can do that when she's 18. The bags and pencil cases are lovely and will be so appreciated and loved by the kids that receive them.
    How exciting that you did a screen printing class. It's on my wish list. Can't wait to hear about it.


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