Friday, 2 November 2012

New Month, New Challenges

Here I am again with my big, big list of projects for the coming month, and anyone who has been reading the blog will recognise a few that have were on here last month, and need to be done this month, before they turn into nasty UFOs and end up stored in a box!  The recurrent ones are in italics, so that gives me a reminder to give them a little bit of priority, and hopefully they wont be back on the December list.  

1. Hand stitch C's Hexy Quilt

2. Make remaining 3 coasters
3. Complete Octagon Quilt- involving some unpicking due to a massive crease in the backing, boo hoo!

4.Complete September Craftsy BOM's- Drunkards Path
5.Complete October Craftsy BOM's- Paper Piecing

6.Complete Craftsy BOM Quilt Top
7.Secret Squirrel Tutorial
8.Princess Crown- it's pink!

9.Make back for Chevron Quilt

A feature star block started, based on this pattern:

Just Judes block- my inspiration!
This block was made by the very talented Judith who blogs at Just Jude, she made it for the also brilliant Susan who blogs over at Canadian Abroad- which is where I saw the block originally.  Mine is totally different (it's blue), but it's a great pattern design, i can only hope to do it some justice.
 I'm undecided on the central block piece at the moment, i have some options, I think I'll wait until I've made all 4 pieces.

10. Bag for Daisy

Inspiration, this bag tutorial from Plum and June

Plum and June: Front Zip Pouches with Shoulder Straps

11. 2 Pencil cases for shoebox charity

Inspiration, this tutorial from Flossie Teacakes (Sarah at Duck Egg Threads tells me its a good tutorial)

12. Star Blocks for 3x6 Bee13. Sampler Block for 3x6 BeeThere are bound to be some others that join along the way, lets see where the month leads us.Ange x 


  1. Ange, you're working on some great projects! I especially love those hexies!

  2. Busy, busy. That is a long list. Sarah x

  3. I love long to-do lists! And I love that star block. Want! :)

  4. Lovely things, all! I can't even look at my WIPs lists, too many floundering for lack of time!


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