Thursday, 22 November 2012

Squishy Mail

Stroke, stroke!
Who doesn't love Squishy mail when they sew?? And as I am on my fabric buying ban, of course this is a rare occurrence (I threw that in for my lovely man, I know he reads the blog, bless him, very supportive as he finds sewing as tedious as I find cars, gadgets and the like!), so that voucher from the Village Haberdashery was a great chance to get something new.  I decided that there was a great way to maximise the win, as Laura at Needles, Pins and Baking Tins is running a Low Volume Swap, so actually that's a double win, because then i get loads of beautiful fabrics for my voucher.

Center City
So, look what I got, and yes, I was restrained, but a couple of extra fat quarters might have slipped in there, just 2, i think that was pretty restrained, it's tough this fabric ban, real tough when you're a hoarder and coveter of all things fabricy.
Center City-LA in Downtown, and Field Study- Sundials in Happy
I managed to get 2 spots on the swap, as I remembered I had another fabric that would be perfect for the swap, and I didn't have to buy it, as it was already wallowing around in my stash, feeling unloved, triple yay!

Benartex- Make Do and Mend
Ange x


  1. ooohhh lovely picks!! I adore Center City!

  2. Oh I want squishy mail!!! I too am on a ban because I have lots to play with already- I've found a bargainous fat quarter bundle of the new Joel Dewberry on I Don't Do Dishes and I'm pining for it... See you this weekend :D

  3. I want some Center City! Jealous!

  4. Can't wait to ee what you produce with these fabrics - squishy it!

  5. Oooh - lovely bit of stash enhancement!

  6. Love that City centre, I may have to 'invest' in some in the new year. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who takes photos of their 'squishy mail'. Sarah x


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