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101 Ways To Stitch, Craft, Create- Quick and Easy Projects.......

101 Ways To Stitch, Craft, Create- 
Quick and Easy Projects to Stitch, Sew, Knit, Bead and Fold.  
A Book Review
Here comes a book review, and it's another good one! I LOVE craft books, they're a terrific source of inspiration, and this one is no different in that respect.  It's not a one author wonder, more a compilation book of many crafting minds, including the terrific Tacha Bruecher (of Fat Quarterly fame, and author of Hexa go-go), and Linda Clements (The Quilters Bible) amongst a host of other crafters.  I haven't actually counted the projects, so I can't tell if there actually are 101, but the rest of the title is pretty accurate in that it has chapters divided by crafting method, including Quilting, Crochet, Cross Stitch and Cake Decorating.  

As such it does assume some basic knowledge of those crafts, so, for example, even though there are some basic crochet instructions in the back, I wouldn't attempt the projects without some competence in this area, but as the projects are indeed quick and easy, it's a good source of inspiration for presents if you're in a bit of a hurry.  

I will indeed use this book when I need a quick making fix, or I'm lacking ideas and inspiration, and I can definitely see me making Tacha Bruechers fantastic Flickering Star Pillow or using the design in another project, a quilt, a mug rug or maybe a set of table mats, it's my favourite project in the book.  

Or I could be tempted with one of Linda Clements beautiful Hand Stitched Coasters or a Patchwork Table Mat, also beautifully hand stitched, they would make fabulous gifts.

I also think some of the designs could be used in different projects, so the camera knitting pattern would be fun as a quilting or cross stitch pattern, or some of the applique patterns could be used in different quilts or on cushions instead of MP3 cases, for example.

I even think there are some good little projects, perfect for younger people. I can see little ones enjoying making their own cross stitch cupcake card, a beaded bracelet, or maybe one of the felt embroidered hearts for a hair clip.

 So, all in all, this book does what it says on the cover, the projects are quick and easy (with a few specific supplies), and cover quite a few different crafts. I think this would make a good gift for a crafty friend who likes to dabble in different areas, or if you had a young daughter (they're very girly projects) who was inclined towards the crafty, there are some fun projects they would enjoy.  Alternatively, for someone who enjoys big craft projects, quilts etc, (like me) it's a nice change of pace, for those days when you want to start and finish a project within the same day/afternoon.

I will be making something from this shortly, I just need to wade my way through some of my current projects, and that last Advent Calendar wont wait, the end of the month is fast approaching!

This book is available from RUCraft, for £10.66, and just for your information, I am not paid for this review. : )

Ange : ) 


  1. I usually never look at sewing books, but this one looks so cute and full of great ideas! Thanks for tempting me : )

  2. I've wondered about this book - thanks for the review, next time I'm on Fishpond I might just buy it - thanks!

  3. I so don't need another craft book!! But this one sounds really good and the projects you have shown look fab especially that pillow. Thanks for the review Ange.

  4. Great review! I'll be honest this book didn't take my fancy when I saw it, but it looks a 'goodie', I really like the star pillow and coaster, another one to add to my wish list. Thanks for the review, Sarah x


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