Sunday, 19 October 2014

Two Weeks...

Photo shamelessly , sorry (ish) :o)

It's 2 weeks since I returned from the Brit Bee Weekender (I was a temporary honorary member).  There has been plenty more cake and sewing since, but it's just not the same.  Always an interruption, no chance to just sew without having to clock watch for the next meal/school pick up/end of nap time etc. I loved it. I managed to get a few finishes, including a Sew Together Bag:

A little drawstring bag using the pattern by the clever Svetlana at Sotak Handmade:

And my October Bee Blocks for Jen (Stitch Tease Bee)

Got my t-shirt printed, and a panel I need to make into something when I get a plan.

I could have made more in the time, but life is all about balancing the quality with the quantity, and this was the perfect balance, fantastic company, great food and cake (especial credit to the fab Susan and Trudi) and fun sewing, what's not to love.

Now I just need to see if I can wangle an invitation to their next Weekender....
Ange x


  1. You can come as long as you don't go near any celery ;o)

  2. Nothing wrong with celery. It was a pleasure to sit and sew beside you, and to be a roomie.

  3. I think a Sew Together bag is enough of a finish :)

  4. you have been busy! Did you make the Sew Together because you couldn't be with us to Sew Together together? You were missed on Saturday....


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