Sunday, 12 October 2014


I should only have 9 finishes on this list, but as usual I have other things half started or need to get them done this quarter, so I'm adding them on, and hoping to get 2 finishes per month this final quarter, so fingers crossed we'll be down to 6 before the end of the year :o).

Those in green are the priority list, the ones I hope/expect to get done this quarter, we will see! 

1. Hexy 2
Started: December 2013
Current Status:  From about 33% of the way through at the start of the quarter to about 80% done now
Plan: Aiming for end of year finish

 Up a little early so a little epp to ease me into the day....

  2. The Weekender
Started: Spring 2013
Current Status: No progress. Taken back apart.  Reduce size of the base, re-sew together and then fix the lining
Plan: Get it done so I can face making another bag (one day)
My wrestling partner for the morning! Just the lining to do tonight. #weekenderbagiwillbevictorious
3. Plus Quilt
Started: Summer 2013
Current Status: Handful of blocks, plus I have added the New York Beauty to this plan, as the centre piece.  Now have an additional 100(ish) plus blocks from Stitch Tease ladies, just need to calculate how many additional blocks are needed
Plan:  Unlikely to finish this year, but would like to put together what I have so far.
Some selfish sewing for my own bed quilt.

 4 Stitch Tease House Blanket 2
Started: Nov 2013
Current Status: Top together, just need to add backing, quilt and bind.
Plan: Complete asap

5. Simply Solids Quilt
Started: August 2013
Current Status: Just blocks
Plan: Make into a quilt/picnic throw for summer in the garden. Unlikely to get done this year.
Simply Solids August Block, finished.

6. Star/Bright Sampler Blocks
Started: January 2013
Current Status:  Just blocks
Plan: Piece into a quilt, unlikely to get done this year.
12 blocks from grp 11 & 13 of 3x6 Bee

7. Hand Hoop
Started: Early 2013
Current Status: Needs hoop finishing off
Plan: Finish and hang!
Hand Hoop WIP

8.Crochet Blanket
Started: End of 2012
Current Status: All blocks finished, need joining and lining
Plan:Sew them together and get them made into a little blanket

9. Jumper Blanket
Started: June 2014
Current Status: A big pile of squares cut from some of my old, favourite, felted jumpers
Plan: Sew them together for a winter blanket, fabric backed

10. Georgias Christening Cushion
Started: October 2014
Plan: Get it finished asap as it's already about 3 weeks late!

11. Frozen Blanket
Started: September 2014 fabrics purchased
Plan: Finished before Christmas
And before anyone asks, I am sick of Frozen, but I'm working on my Mum of the year award, currently failing miserably ;o)

12. Christmas Quilt
Started: September 2014 fabrics pulled
Plan: Finish before Christmas Day :o)

 And yes, these are all Christmas fabrics, I didn't realise I had quite so many, maybe 2 or 3 quilts might be in order!

 I am aiming for 2 finishes this week (that's pretty hopeful but reasonably realistic), but as this is my man free week I have 4 nights free to get my sewjo on.  

Ange xxx


  1. I am kind of thinking there is a hand missing from the hoop!!!
    Good luck with the rest ;)

  2. Happy man-free week! And, err, yeah, what Hads' said!

  3. "only" nine.... love that- I'd be more like OMG I have NINE. Good progress on the Hexy 2!

  4. Everything here looks amazing! Lovely projects. Looking forward to seeing those hexies

  5. Such great plans, I'd have trouble choosing where to start! Enjoy the man-free evenings!

  6. You've some great projects going on here and it made me smile that you slipped in the Christmas one too. Good luck!

  7. Aha...the Frozen dilemmas! I am probably going to cave for my granddaughters too....sigh. Nana of the year!


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