Friday, 31 October 2014

FAL Q4 Finish 2 Frozen Blanket

Well I hadn't actually intended to finish this next as I was very close to finishing the second Stitch Tease blanket, but after a lot of hand sewing on Hexy 2, I thought I would have a look at the Frozen panel, and see what it needed, and before I knew it I was sewing on a white border, quilting it and adding the binding, job done!

This is planned as a Christmas present for my eldest daughter who adores Frozen, so I figured it would be fun to give her something she will adore, even if it makes me ever so slightly sick into my mouth!!! 

 The backing is a cuddly soft fleece I got from Plush Addict  and it is really lovely to touch, so I decided to bind it in the same fabric, I'll definitely be backing more quilts in this kind of fabric, especially for winter quilts.

All in all it was a good, quick project, and great to have another off the list, I'm down to 10 now, which is fab, can't wait to get to single figures on my WIP's!

Happy Hallowe'en and enjoy the weekend, I can't believe tomorrow is November already, now that's scary!!! 
 Ange x


  1. appropriately terrifying! :-p i know, my time will come....

  2. You deserve some kind of reward, maybe some chocolate to get rid of that bad taste...? I've not seen Frozen, only heard the storyline so maybe you can explain, isn't Anna the good one and Elsa the short tempered, clumsy bitch one? Why do so many girls like Elsa then? Or have I got it wrong?

  3. I do love the film, but that printed crap scares me!


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