Monday, 20 October 2014

FAL Q4- Finish 1- Georgias Christening Cushion

Well I'm on track so far, and have finished the first item off the FAL/WIP list from hell!  

This Christening Cushion for my friends daughter was "due" about 4 weeks ago, but I was away that weekend in the Cotswolds so I missed the main event, and was a little slow getting it finished.

Not as lumpy as it looks here, honest!
I finally decided to get a move on as some other deadlines were looming, and had some free evenings as my man was working away at the start of the week- which is generally my most productive time in any month.

This was finished Friday morning, and by lunchtime had been gifted.  My friend opened it when she got home, and was absolutely delighted with it, in fact she cried, and called to tell me how much she adores it, what a sweetie, I love making for people who appreciate the time and care that goes into handmade gifts :o)

This week I also made a little drawstring bag to hold some baby shower gifts, unfortunately I was double booked and couldn't make this one either, it's hard work being a social butterfly, I was busy eating these, which I made for a friends, husbands 50th birthday party. I love cake, and any excuse to make and eat it :o)
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Lemon Cupcakes, Banana Cake, Chocolate Flapjacks, and Cinnamon Roll Cake
Right, onto the next one on the list, but as it's half term this week, progress might be a little slow.

Ange x

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when your creative gifts are appreciated?! And knocked one off The List, too, brilliant!


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