Monday, 6 October 2014

FAL Q3 Roundup

So, I started the last quarter with 12 items on my list, aiming to do 2 per month to get them all completed by the end of the year.  Well let us all have a big laugh at that then shall we, before I tell you what I really managed.  

Finished laughing? Ok, well the Summer holidays totally killed all hope of any serious crafting, and those 6 weeks were sewing drought territory, and that means just 3 finishes this time around, although there is some good progress on a few others which i'll include on my next quarter list.
1. My Sampler Quilt
Started: 2012
Current Status: DONE

2. Stitch Tease House Quilt
Started: Nov 2013
Current Status: One DONE, second one, top together, just need to add backing, quilt and bind

2 more beautiful blocks arrived for my Stitch Tease quilt, thx so much @lifesrichpattern!


3. Portholes blocks
Started: Retreat 2013
Current Status: DONE

I have got some other finishes to share from my fantastic weekend as hanger on to the Brit Bee ladies, and their sewing Weekender.  I can't find the words just yet, but I will.
Ange xxx


  1. You've finished stuff. This is good. Now, go find some words to describe the weekend.

  2. cant wait to read your choice of words ;-) great finishes x

  3. Cool finishes! I love your black and white sampler. Cannot wait to hear about the weekend, please tell me it involved cake!! xx

  4. Haha - just in case there was any doubt! Thanks for renewing my sanity. I love your house quilts and your sampler is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely finishes, I love the houses! And if you cannot find words to describe the weekend, some pictures may tell the story?!

  6. These are each so beautiful, and they are finishes, so in my books you did great!

  7. well I'd say that's a resounding success. 3 out of 12 is a quarter, that's half of a half, so you almost got them all done!

  8. You got three finishes in which is pretty impressive. I'm much more likely to sew more in summer holidays. Being a teacher, school holidays is when I get the machine buzzing as much as possible. Of course it means my three kids are home with me then too, but at least I don't have other distractions like work.


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