Monday, 21 October 2013

Slow Progress On The Stitch Teasing...

I am still desperately trying to catch up on the bee blocks that I haven't finished for Stitch Tease and Simply Solids.  3 months with no sewjo really makes this a tall order, but I only have the lovely Jenn's block (from August ST- hangs head in shame), and then my 2 October blocks for Val and Nat and then I will be all caught up.  Added to that, I am Queen Bee for Stitch Tease next month, so I need to get my bum in gear!
Chopping diamonds for @knotted_thread #stitchtease block
I managed to make some progress on Jenn's blocks at the weekend, and got to this point
And i need to find the printer to get the pp templates to complete these. Any tips on attaching them to the paper ladies?
but now I need to find the printer, as these get attached to paper (with glue- how novel), and the backing gets paper pieced, I've never heard of such a strange half and half technique, fingers crossed I can make it work, as I'm a bit of a thicky and it took me a good 10 minutes to work out cutting the 60 degree angle!

I also did a tester block for Stitch Tease next month, for which I had thought to make some house blocks for a new baby quilt, but now I've made it and seen how easy it was, maybe it's not enough of a use of their many talents!  Perhaps I should get them to do a paper pieced book block, like the design in Patchwork Please, which i love, or something more complicated! ;o)
Bee block for me next month #stitchtease. No pp no tricky instructions, because im nice like that!

This week is half term, so my little darling will be entertaining me until next Monday, yay, and as the builder started our kitchen renovation last week (on hold for half term as he is away on his hols), the house is a bit chaotic, oh well, nothing new there!

My new kitchen, not quite finished yet!

Wednesday is our 20 week scan day, so if this new little one (who seems to wake up about half 2 every morning- and needs to get out of that habit quick smart) is in the right position, we will hopefully be able to find out if it's another pink one or blue for a change.  And then let the name debate begin!!

Ange x


  1. Lesley whether it's a boy or a girl ;) I like the house blocks idea, is it the Elizabeth Hartman pattern?

  2. I love your house (the block) and the kitchen space shows great promise - for star jumps!

  3. Save our sanity, go for the hice... ;o)

  4. You're still ahead of me with your bee blocks. I'm still in September! How the scan goes well x

  5. Hope you get the flavour you want. Go easy on the blocks, especially if they are destined for baby soilage!

  6. arghhhh, I do NOT envy you the kitchen refit. I'm crossing your fingers that yours goes a lot better and a lot faster than mine did.

  7. Don't worry, they're not too simple!

  8. Brilliant photo of a very happy jumpy girl! xx


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