Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dipping My Toe...

After very little sewing in the last few months, I have finally managed to dip my toe back in the sewing waters, and as I was incredibly late with 2 baby quilts, I thought I had better get a shift on.  The first for baby Georgia was finished last night (the top was pieced at the last EMMQG meeting), and is a simple patchwork affair with very basic quilting, and then a bagged finish with a minky backing.  A little hand sewing of the gap and then bobs your uncle.
Baby Georgias quilt is finished, with a soft and snuggly minky backing, yay!
After finishing it, I couldn't really understand why it had taken me so long to get those final bits done, but then I guess that is in line with my general malaise on the sewing front these last few months.

I have also started my Stitch Tease blocks for Septembers queen bee, the lovely Hadley, and this has involved the cutting of nearly one hundred, 2 and a half inch blocks in low volume prints, lucky I like you H, that's all I'm saying! ;o).  Susan came over for a visit on Thursday (via Scotland for some reason!!), and inbetween gassing and a little lunch out, I managed to get a few of them cut- and finished it off in the afternoon.  
Laying out blocks for @mrsflyingblind
Actually, once the cutting was done, I have a feeling they will come together quickly, and then there is a chance that if I get them in the post quickly I might not be the last to send as there are a few American ladies in the group who have postal disavantage.  Don't ask me about Augusts blocks, as I may not have done them yet, I promise I will do soon Jenn, I just needed a couple of simpler projects to get myself back into sewing :o).

  And somehow, despite the fact that I have been barely blog reading let alone competition entering, I was one very lucky lady to win the wonderful Aneela Hoey's recent giveaway. On Saturday, my prize dropped through the door- a fantastic layer cake of Posy fabric, and a gorgeous embroidered journal, yay!  And as I ADORE Aneelas fabrics, this is the perfect prize for me, I was delighted!  
My fab winnings from the wonderful @aneelahoey. Thx so much, I love them!! :-)
I am also doing a little secret sewing, but more of that in a few weeks...

Ange x


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  2. Good to see you're getting a bit of sewing done; did you quilt through the minky, or did you add it after the quilting? And congrats on the win!!

  3. Love that minky blanket! Super win - you lucky girl!!!

  4. I am so glad I am up there in the priorities!! xxx

  5. Yea on the win! And totally with you on doing a simple project to get the sewjo back :)

  6. I think that both you and I have fallen off the sewing & blogging wagon. It is good to get back into it though isn't it. Di x

  7. super cute marmalade baby quilt, and yay for the win!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. I thought I'd seen Mrs S fly by last week... ;o) Yay for climbing back on the horse, and I hear you on those squares o.O

  9. Glad to see you are feeling like sewing again.

  10. slowly your sewing mojo is returning. I hope you are feeling well.


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