Monday, 7 October 2013

The Secret C And Some Finished Bee Blocks...

I can't tell you much about my secret C, other than I have been sewing and finished my first Chritmas project, and it's only the start of October.  I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous selection of these fabrics to work with, a fantastic Riley Blake line for this festive season (available at Pin It And Stitch)

I will show you my completed project in around a month, once. I'm allowed too.

Second block all done and will be posted tomorrow @mrsflyingblind i promise
And I have finished one set of bee blocks, for the lovely Hadley, so that means I only have 2 that I am behind with, and 2 I need to get finished for this month.  
Blocks all done and will be in the post tomorrow i promise!
Oh dear, I think I will try to get the late ones done this month at the very least, so I don't go completely mad only doing bee blocks.

And as there is a distinct possibility that some big burly men will be removing the wall between our old bathroom and the dining area next week, I may be a little busy until then prepping the rooms!

Ange x


  1. Oh that sounds exciting - I hope your wall removal will be hassle free, that fabric looks delightful.

  2. so much more productive than I was when preggo - I'm well impressed

  3. Thank you again sweetie!!
    The secret C sounds like some Portland Babies type affair!!!

  4. Love the last photo, nice low volume fabrics!

  5. I can't wait to see what you have made with the Christmas Fabric & thanks for the mention! Loving the low volume blocks as well! x

  6. Love your selections for Hadley's block - she's going to have a stunning quilt there! Glad that your sewjo seems to be slowly returning - we've missed you x

  7. No more mention of that C word for a while please ;o)

    Good luck ploughing through the bee backlog...


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