Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bee Blocks, Hexy Action, Fabric and Babies!

All done, just the papers to remove. @knotted_thread
So, after kicking myself up the back side, I finally got the lovely Jenn at Knotted Threads blocks finished.  I have to admit I found the process of making these quite laborious, something to do with being so very late making them, and the multiple stages of production.  You begin by very precise cutting the diamonds, then piecing them, then precisely gluing them to the paper backing ensuring the seam is just right round the outside, then cutting the background pieces and carefully attaching them- and that's without mentioning the trimming of the blocks, the paper pieced seams, and various stages of ironing.  But, lets be honest, they make fabulous blocks, and are perfect for a bee, as you would be at the end of your tether if you had to make a whole quilts worth of them!! :o).  Now I just need to remove the papers from the back :o(

Mr Sizzix has been put into action this week, and within a very short time, produced a big pile of these (around 450 in total so far, should keep me busy for a while).
Mr Sizzix helped me cut about 500 hexies, so you know what that means im going to start.....
So with another little person on the way I decided to start the big project early, yep, for any regulars, you guessed it, I will be making another one of these:
She's all finished!
The last completely hand made hexy quilt took me 2 and a half years, lets see if we can get this one made a little quicker shall we? Maybe, but don't quote me on it!!
The verdict is in, more pink. Now the big question, what to call number 2 that goes with Catalina, any ideas?
And after this weeks scan, we now know the sex of the baby, more pink, which my stash is thankful for, that will help with choosing fabrics for the project, and guess what, I managed to pick up a couple yesterday to kick start me...
A little fabric shopping and meet up with the lovely @quiltova and Bridget at The Sewing Cafe in Hinckley.
 ...whilst meeting up with the fabulous Di (one of my Stitch Tease friends, who was over visiting family in the midlands) and Bridget (one of my East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild sisters and Di's sister in law).  After a small peruse of the local Sewing Cafe in Hinckley we headed out for coffee and cake, well it would have been rude not to!!

I think that's enough for one post, I'll be back soon with some more sewing progress, as it seems my sewjo is kicking right back in!  

Hope you're having a productive month :o)
Ange xxx



  1. Love those blocks! Cute fabric with the clothes pegs :-)

  2. Yay for a stash appropriate baby! Yay for returning sewjo! and Yay for beautiful bee blocks!

  3. I can see your absence has well and truly recharged your sewing batteries! Love the plans for the new hexie quilt!

  4. Glad your sewjo is back and that's a pretty stack of fabrics! Girl babies get the sweetest things, no doubt about it!

  5. Ooh! A little punk bundle!! Congratulations. I think your very brave to be making ANOTHER hand made hexie blanket. I'm impressed you finished one :-)
    E xx

  6. Congratulations! Ohhh pink is fun! Lovely stash and great blocks! The hexie quilt is gorgeous have fun making another... I really want to finish my first EPP quilt but there's still lots to do!

  7. Ha, I swore off ever doing those blocks again too ;o) Happy hexing!

  8. Great blocks! Congrats on the pink news :) best of luck with all those hexies!

  9. so jealous you got to find out its a girl!

  10. Your blocks for Jenn turned out lovely. I can't imagine making a hexie quilt of that size. I'm still working on my first and it's giving me fits. For a second I thought I forgot I had relatives in the Midlands...oh yeah, tthat's the other Di in our Stitch Tease bee. Glad you are feeling back to your old self and congrats on baby girl #2 on the way.

  11. Ohh super news!! ( sorry, late catching up with the baby news!). How exciting, I just love having a baby to sew for, it's the best kind of quilting in my book! Hexagons are the perfect little person quilt too - if your last baby-hex-quilt is anything to go by it will be fantastic! It's not easy having a pre schooler and a baby on the way and no kitchen, I do remember a similar stage in my life - a bit of EPP can def bring the calm you need! Enjoy! xx

  12. Love your new baby! Those blocks are gorgeous!

  13. You brave woman. Another hexie quilt!!!

  14. I know its a hell of a lot of work and its not me that doing it, but I'm so glad you're doing another hexie quilt. C's is beautiful and baby number 2 needs one as well.
    Oh, and those bee blocks you described, they frighten the life out of me x


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