Thursday, 30 May 2013

Paint Stopped Play...

Heart of Charnwood

Before I get rabbiting on, just a quick reminder, if you have any book based projects this month link up to win here, remember it can be heavily inspired by a book or magazine, and as long as it involves a creation, it's pretty much in.  Go here to link up (3 chances), and you have until about 9pm on Friday night as I will be out during the day :o)

I'll be honest, there will be a dearth of sewing based stuff in this post, so if you're not interested in hearing about my wrestle with ugly decor (understandable, I wont be offended), stop reading now.  As the title states, sewing has been put aside this past week or two for a rather large paint job in our open plan, lounge, dining, family area (which sounds a lot posher than it actually is).  We started off with this 
Rancid brown wood, pink ceiling and repulsive wallpaper meet Mr White Paint- who will be disguising your ugliness today!
Rancid brown painted plywood, swirly 80's wallpaper and pink ceiling!!!

which in a short time, converted to this blissful in white scene
How can anything so bland be so wonderful? Oh yes, because its not a rancid pink ceiling, patterned wallpaper or badly stained brown wood, bliss!
Pure clean white
 And this...
Whitney on the ipod and lets get the 2nd half of this room painted- seems a fitting way to say goodbye to this decor!
Aaaargh! this, don't worry, those rather special lights are not staying, we just need to find a replacement.
Pure white fresh, clean walls
Thankfully bland!
It really is amazing how cathartic it is to be rid of the ugly decor, and to have a clean, fresh space to live in, the house is instantly lighter, brighter and prettier, the ceilings actually feel high (which they are as it's a 1920's house) rather than low and claustrophobic, yay!
If anyone needs me I'll be in the worlds ugliest sewing room, actually sewing- woooohooo!
Look at that wallpaper- soon to be given the white paint treatment!!!

I also managed to get Mr HOC to put some shelves in the most important room in the house sewing room, which means I can start to tidy and organise this space (it wont stay tidy for long, but still, I can give it a go), and despite the rancid decor (again) my tiny room has at least seen a little sewing action, with my signature block for Stitch Tease Diane.  Any advice on what type of pen to use on a signature block so it doesn't run when the quilt gets washed.

Right, off to sand down the walls of the new bathroom, fitting starts Monday :o)

Ange x


  1. That white makes such a difference. It will seem like a different house the next time I visit.

  2. Your house is coming along nicely, and the white walls ask for a quilt or two...?!

  3. Love the white walls. I use a sharpie on my siggy blocks and a skinny sigma (I think that is what its called) when I want to write small and neat.

  4. but *why* would you paint over the pink ceilings? They were so beautiful! ;-)

  5. Woah! The previous owners MAY be relayed to ours - them of the orange bedroom and lime green loo. That ceiling is truly the work of the devil. The white will be so clean and bright and a lovely blank canvas to prettify!

  6. Yay it is looking much better now! Full marks to Mr HOC for the shelves but get that wallpaper sorted before you get a headache!

  7. I'm having flashbacks to being a child and someone down the road giving mum some rolls of really horrid wall paper and her doing my room in it! The neutral blank canvas will make such a difference!

  8. Pink ceilings? What were they thinking!!?? Nice to have white. I love a blank canvas :)

  9. White's not really my colour but anything's got to be better than what was there so it looks great!

    Writing on quilts? I've never written on a quilt but I have used a sharpie to write my daughter's name on her uniform and although it didn't run it did fade with time. (Although it has been washed a lot!)

  10. cannot think WHY you would want to cover up those walls ! except ... they are PINK and UGLY !! lol x

  11. I love how new paint makes such a difference, your house is looking good. I have a project I made this month from a book but I am not seeing where you want to link or how, maybe send me some info, I am having one of those days it seems.

  12. Nothing like a fresh space to get the creative juices flowing! Looking great by the way. Can't wait to see it all finished and the sewing room definitely IS the most important:)
    Following on bloglovin'

  13. That white paint works wonders. You will be able to show off your creations against the white. Di x

  14. Eek, this post should have taste warnings ;o)

  15. oh its looking so much better, can't beat white paint to lift the over patterned spirits!! Even the flowery lights don't look quite as bad *ahem*. Great shelves Mr HOC the sewing room looks very organised xxx

  16. Good grafting. You need a Laundry Sharpie, or a regular school uniform marker pen, and make sure you iron super hot to seal the ink. (Not just a pretty face xxx) .

  17. I love to see all the before and after pics and how you make this place completely yours!

    I use fabric marker pens that are sealed when ironed. :)

  18. I see poor Susan is angling for another invite - let her down gently ;) The change is incredible Ange - it must be so liberating. Your 1920s house sounds like it is going to be beautiful - how fun to have a project like this.

  19. that pink ceiling was amazing, can't believe you ruined it! ;0) every ceiling in our house is/was papered with textured paper, the entire house is papered in it in fact, then they painted over. With gloss. When we got the paper off the living room ceiling it was blue! I actually quite liked it...


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