Friday, 17 May 2013

Back In The Groove...

After a few months of  very occasional sewing, this week has been a welcome return to sewing normality. Like most quilters I have so many projects that I want to work on, but I have some that need to get made first, so it's been rather slow progress.  After finishing my Boston flags earlier in the week, I managed to get a bit of focus on some of the Bee blocks I needed to get done for May.

Simply Solids Bee block, May. Just need to make mine now!
I started off making this block for Kerry for the Simply Solids Bee over on Flickr.  I really love working with solids, there is something about the lack of pattern distracting me, and so the focus is all on the colour and design and getting them to work together- and that's actually quite a liberating way (for me) to sew.  

It is one of those blocks that tests the patience if you are having a bad seam allowance kind of day (just ask poor Lucy!!), but somehow my new "foot" rose to the challenge, and it came together surprisingly well- however I do need to make an additional block for myself, bet that's not so straightforward!!  

 If you want to make one of these blocks, you can head over to Little Miss Shabby's blog which has the original tutorial, and like it says, it's a great scrapbuster. :o)

Im thinking at least some of these will be appearing in Di's Stitch Tease blocks. @ylmommyx4
And so Wednesday, I pulled a few fabrics for my Stitch Tease block for the lovely Di, she had been quite specific about her colour choices, teal, aqua and turquoise, and no colours other than those plus white, but she was incredibly kind to us, and gave us a simple block.

Stitch Tease block 2. @ylmommyx4
After a little chopping and sewing, I came up with these 2 blocks (whilst Mr H.O.C gave Virgin Broadband a rollicking for our t'internet being down again- about the 5th time in the 4 weeks since we moved in!)

Di Stitch Tease Block one. @ylmommyx4

 Clearly they need a good iron, but that aside, actually they came out ok, and not wonky (despite appearances).  These will be winging there way to the US once I've made a signature block to go with them.

For my next post, I'll be telling you about the return of my Chevron quilt, and sharing the feedback, which had some very valid points, although one point did make me laugh out loud- not all bad then!

Ange x 



  1. Love all those blocks, fab colours. So tempted to check out the tutorial, but I really don't need another project right now...

  2. Lovely blocks Ange - but sets of blocks are going to make beautiful quilts.

  3. great looking blocks. I love the blues on Di's ones.

  4. Good to see you're back in the groove, love your blocks! Can you send some of that groove my way, if you have any to spare? I seem to have fallen out of mine ;-)

  5. Looking good there missus! And glad to see himself is useful for something ;o)

  6. Welcome back! Loving the blocks.

  7. Glad you're back in the groove. Great blocks for Di

  8. Thank you...I love those little bits of gingham and pezzy print!

  9. Three lovely blocks. I really like all the blues combined.

  10. All of these are really pretty blocks - love em all!!


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