Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fresh Sewing- November Roundup

Before I review the month of Novembers progress, I have to say it feels like one of those slightly frustrating months where I didn't get much fun stuff finished, but made some progress on the must do jobs of the month, so that's good I suppose!  I'm determined December will be a month of fun stuff, and when the mood takes me to make something, I'll be giving it a go.

Actual finishes, well that's as follows:
Sneak peek, Secret Squirrel Tutorial reversible poncho, check out Lily's Quilts blogpost tomorrow for the full details!!

 2 x Advent Calendars
The final one!
A new snuggly cowl for me.

Mr Camohog, my fun crocheted finger puppet...

Finally finished this baby, Walk in the Woods quit

Some screen printed goodies that I made and now i need to make some Christmas and other things with them, made at Sarah Waterhouses terrific one day class.

Photo care of Sarah Waterhouse

 A princess crown, getting it's first proper outing at a party this very afternoon
 A couple of pencil cases (the bags i completed in October).

And a book review, it's not sewing, but it was another thing off the list of things i needed to do, and I've even started a new project inspired by the book, it's secret squirrel at the moment......

Tomorrow I will be having a book giveaway, so check back and enter to win, this will be open internationally, so no-one is left out!

Ange : )


  1. What a lovely princess crown - I hope the party is fun this afternoon x

  2. Your camohog is adorable & finishing a quilt is always a grand accomplishment! - not to worry, I am sure you will have another month with many finishes to gush about!

  3. Wow! You got a LOT done! :) Nice work!

  4. That poncho is so cute -- my girls would love it! Great finishes, Angela!

  5. Cute projects... I especially love the advent calendar which looks so bright and cheerful!

  6. I sometimes feel like I get nothing done too, but your finishes all look beautiful and there is always December. I love those prints! They are just elegant.

  7. The walk in the woods quilt is gorgeous!! And I love that screen printing, I'd love to have a go at that!

  8. You've been soooo busy, congrats on all your finishes. I hope the crown had a brilliant party. Sarah x


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