Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Craft It Forward....

A couple of months ago I was very fortunate to be quick off the mark, and get a place in Charlotte at Displacement Activity's Craft It Forward.  Craft it Forward is like a grown up chain letter with crafty goodies.  The first 5 people to sign up in comments who have a blog, will each receive a handmade gift, as a surprise, at some point in the following 12 months.

Well, yesterday was my C.I.F receipt day, and can I tell you it was a wonderful surprise, as with all of the usual rubbish bills I received the following lovely gift:

A beautiful box and inside are THE most delicious peppermint, chocolate candies!  They are just delicious, and after fighting my little one off of them, I really enjoyed most of them a couple of them whilst relaxing last night, a real treat after one of those rather bad, mummy meltdown kind of days!

I really must ask Charlotte for the recipe, as they do make a lovely gift, and I know a few people who would love to receive them.

Thank you Charlotte, you made a grumpy persons day a lot brighter, and so now it is up to me to pass this good stuff on to 5 of you!

So, if you have your own blog, and are willing to receive 1 handmade gift and make the same offer for 5 other crafters (once you've received your C.I.F gift) then sign up below!

Ange x


  1. I am brand new to the blogging world, but would love to take part in this :)

  2. Hey, So I'm up for a little Pay it Forward. I'm new to your blog through the FQ retreat flickr group and you sound just like me. Would love to meet some new people and I've just posted my own PIF gifts for 2012, so joining a new one would be great. I've still to write my own blog post about this years :)

  3. so glad you like them!!!! (better not sign me up though, or we could start a vicious craft-it-forward circle!)

  4. Hi! I stopped for lunch and a very quick 'blog browse' on the right day. Fab idea, count me in!!!

    Your Peppermint Bark looks yummy, and it's reminded me I promised to make some for mum again this year - hmmm, something else to add to the list!? Sarah x

  5. Oh I'd love to join - if it's ok as I'm a long way away.

  6. Saw this on the fat quarter retreat group on flickr. I'd love to get to know others through something like this. Sign me up

  7. Hi Angela, I just noticed that this was over a year ago already and it's still on your blogger list on the left of this blog. I'm sure you're just super busy, especially with all the baby planning, but hope you haven't forgot ;)

    Big Hugs!
    xx Lia


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